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  1. Yes, it use to be. The problem has been resolved.
  2. http://www.majorgeeks.com/Mozilla_Firefox_d2248.html The release notes say RC. http://en-us.www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox...7/releasenotes/ I'm going to wait for the auto update myself...
  3. As long as the scheduling isn't at the sametime, you will be fine. I have 3 defraggers installed right now.
  4. Yes, I am going to update it tomorrow.
  5. TwistedMetal


    jack, please stop posting pointless posts. It doesn't help anything.
  6. I still have to update the beginner's guide. I will try to do it tomorrow.
  7. TwistedMetal


    But the Analyze button, says Analyze. I don't see why the other 2 should be different. You damn English people always like to change things around and make them difficult.
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    Status: Analysing Started Analysing (The Pop up window) Should be: Analyzing Started Analyzing Also maybe: Analyze Complete and not say Analysis Complete
  9. I did read this thread and forgot about it. I will see what I can do, my test pc right now is not running. So I will have to take it apart and fix it.
  10. I use WEP on my network. I also have SSID Broadcast ON, good luck getting on my network. I got it secure.
  11. Setup, Advanced, Begin Advanced Setup, Wireless Settings. At the bottom you see: Security: Off WEP WEP+802.1x WPA Wireless Advanced Settings SSID Broadcast: Disable Enable
  12. I am looking into this matter now. I have a Action Wireless DSL modem, but I hooked it up to a linksys wireless router. Let me look at the setup of the modem real quick.
  13. It's easy to not install the Yahoo! Toolbar. Just look at the checkboxes in setup, all the options are there.
  14. I use to get that with Adblock Plus, but it went away on it's own.
  15. Actually I really like Chess on Vista. Surprisingly at least there is one good thing about Vista!
  16. Just another reason why to keep XP.
  17. Looking at it makes me sad.
  18. Returnil (too) FF with NoScript (too) PC Firewall Plus (too) and hardware firewall soon (making my apartment wireless) AntiVir Premium, also have ClamWin SUPERAntiSpyware Pro Real-time Protection
  19. I'm thinking about selling my desktop. Athlon XP 2400+ OC 1GB DDR WD 250GB HD VTek Radeon X1300 512MB XGE SB Audigy Gamer Lite-on CDRW LG DVD/CDRW Windows XP Pro SP2 Microsoft Keyboard/Mouse KDS 19 inch CRT Monitor What would it sell for?
  20. Going from 512MB to 2GB, you should notice startup and programs start quicker. Going from 1GB to 1GB+, you will only notice a very slight increase. By full power. I mean by default on laptops the power settings are for Portable/Laptop. Right click on the desktop, click Properties, Screen Saver, Power... Your power scheme will be on Portable/Laptop (meaning it's not using full CPU power). If you plug it up on a AC adapter at home, set your Power scheme to Always On. This is will use your CPU power, just if you go mobile with it, set it to Portable/Laptop, otherwise the battery will only last about 2 hours max. Dell should have a Help/Support page for drivers for your laptop. Windows Update may have some of them, but they could be outdated by a version or two. Windows Update is slow about getting up to date drivers. I would recommend this: Run CCleaner Create a System Restore Point Run Disk Cleaner (More Options, System Restore, Clean up) Not many do this and it does up a lot of space over a period of time. Defrag My Computer, right click on C: (or main drive), Tools, Error Checking, check both, Start (reboot) This is will take sometime (don't be in a hurry for it). I recommend running CCleaner once a week (at min.) and do the System Restore clean up about every month. Defrag about every month if you are a heavy user. Do Error Checking about every 2-3 months.
  21. It could be many things... When was the last time you defragged? Last time you cleaned up disk space on your hard drive? Are you running at full power settings or mobile/laptop? Do you have a lot of programs in startup? Is your pagefile to big? Are any unnecessary services running? Do you have a virus or spyware? Are all your drivers up to date?
  22. Well, I thought I would try a cordless mouse (Logitech MX600). I actually find the wireless to have a quicker response, smoother, and not having to deal with the cord on the mouse. I know it takes batteries, but nowadays if you don't have rechargeable batteries, you are still in the stone age. Just wondering what people think of wireless mice.
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