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  1. It wasn't really the problem, why it was deleted, it was the way he did the post (his attitude). The Temp Variable has been fixed and none of us can reproduce this problem. Some of the stuff he was saying, I don't think is even possible to do with CCleaner, I have tried everything I could on my test pc to screw anything up, and I have had no luck.


    But like I said, it was the way he did the post, which was totally uncalled for. Even MrG has looked into the problem with no luck, if we could get more info then CCleaner deleted everything, that doesn't explain anything at all.

  2. Here is something everyone needs to understand. Many new features and improvements are being done, but not for current version of CCleaner (1.00). CCleaner 2.0 is being rewritten from the ground up, everything everyone wants should be in 2.0, but there is no release date as of yet. Just give it time, I suspect the version (1.00) will be just bug fixes and improvements. I don't see any new features unless it is necessary.