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  1. I don't see bitcoin or really any digital currency going anywhere. It's only worth what people will pay for it. It's not backed up by any banks or countries, it has no stability, and the market goes from one extreme to the other. It could be worthless at anytime! 

  2. It might clean more, it might clean less, or it might clean the same. It could depend on what you have selected too... Different version could have new apps for cleaning, or even have removed an app, due to compatibility issues, (highly unlikely) or it could be that, newer versions only added bug fixes, and new features (more that likely).

  3. I don't think they could get their own browser engine to function with the speed and features of the other browser so why not go with the best (so to speak). This is a win, win for everyone. A independent browser that doesn't rely on the core Windows ecosystem (yet) and Microsoft is even submitting code to improve the browser.

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