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  1. I suggested having a GUI for it a long long time ago. As far as it be included, I doubt it since it is user based entries, and not made by the author.
  2. MFL: Multi-Free Laucher. I don't know, I will think about it... Also, let me know when we will be able to try it.
  3. By all meanings translate it if you wish. I going to be updating it in the next day or so anyways, if you want to wait til then. I'm also getting a real url for it too.
  4. Updated 8/16/08 Version: 2.10.618
  5. Applog is a program in Windows 98 and Windows Me used to improve the performance of your computer. It has two functions. The first is to save files to your hard drive in the order they will be needed most. The other is to load files into memory for a program before the program requests them. This is similar to the way Speed Start works. Here are more details on the process: Applog keeps track of how you use your computer, as follows: * Which programs you run most often, and how many times you run them * Which files are loaded by those programs * In what order those files are loaded
  6. winapp2.ini supports MUICache. Check out my sig at the bottom of this post.
  7. Yea, whatever. Big whooped do! DennisD is a big poopy head! DOWN with DennisD! Welcome and glad to have you!
  8. Updated 6/30/08 Version: 2.09.600
  9. I actually like the default theme for FF3. The only extensions that didn't work for me was the theme (I like the default theme now), Tab Mix Plus, and Fasterfox. The rest of my extensions worked.
  10. to me... I will be working all day too.
  11. TwistedMetal

    Weird Pic

    I'm guessing Marilyn.
  12. Actually, DirectTV or any satellite signal is not 100% digital. But, it won't effect anything.
  13. Lavasoft has released Ad-Aware 2008. http://www.lavasoftusa.com/products/ad_aware.php
  14. TwistedMetal

    Iron Man

    Just got back from watching Iron Man. It was better than I thought it would be, it's like Transformer.... They pulled it off good. There is something after the credits.
  15. I like Firefox because of all the extensions. Customization and user ability. Plus, it is fast... I like IE7 too, buy only with pro installed.
  16. Download link: http://www.download.windowsupdate.com/msdo...e6ccb5ce018.exe
  17. Windows XP SP3 - detailed by channel schedule, planned dates (US) * RTM (release to manufacturing) Apr - 21st * OEM Channel Apr - 21st * Windows Update Apr - 29th * Download Centre Apr - 29th * MSDN/Technet Download May - 02nd * Windows XP SP3 Fulfillment Media May - 19th * VL Customers via download Jun - 01st * Automatic Updates Jun - 10th
  18. It's always good to backup, in case there are problems, you can always fix it by restoring it.
  19. Anyone can make the most secure web browser. It will have no menu, no buttons, or no address bar. Only a minimize, maximize, and close button.
  20. It's advertising for yahoo. You got to pay your bills somehow.
  21. http://omg.yahoo.com/g-i-joe-live-action-m...ealed/news/7676 I can't wait!
  22. Adding cleaning for beta programs is easy, but I seriously doubt it will ever happen. Beta is for testing purposes, they sometimes use beta in the registry entry or directories. It would take man hours to add them all, also CCleaner is updated 1-2 times a month, so it could be out of beta before CCleaner is updated. It just seems pointless to me, they will be added to CCleaner, but once they are out of beta.
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