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  1. winapp2.zip download NOT working

    I will have it fixed soon. I also have an updated version.
  2. restore

    CCleaner will not remove your system restore point unless you manually removed it from Tools, System Restore.
  3. CCleaner will clean up installed Windows Updates (Hotfixes) but it will not remove them all. Microsoft and Piriform worked together to not remove certain hotfixes that could mess up windows and needs to be uninstalled.
  4. CCleaner vs Comodo System Cleaner

    I have used a lot of registry cleaners and I personally use CCleaner alot. The only thing with the other registry cleaners is a lot of the registry entries it will clean will just come back when you restart Windows.
  5. how to open a .jar file?

    Most zip programs should be able to open it. I know WinRAR and ZipGenius will. Edit: We posted at the sametime. I LOST!
  6. In my Message Box this Mornin'

    Sorry to ruin it guys. I got the message too. He/she/it or whatever is gone. I don't know if she is hot or not, so I didn't reply. Here is a hint: Next time send a pic if you are going to spam pms. If you are hot I might let it slide. Ok, maybe not...
  7. winapp2.ini Updates

    Yes, it does need updating. But I only have a few updates for it. So, it's not really worth updating yet. You can find the link for winapp2.ini in my sig.
  8. "all" regcleaners tested

    That is a pretty crappy review. RegSeeker is not good at all, it can very easily cripple our system. In my opinion (I have used many reg cleaners), I use Registry Mechanic and CCleaner. CCleaner only finds the basic invalid entries and Registry Mechanic will do the deep clean. There is not 1 registry cleaner that will find every invalid entry on your system. It's just that them two programs are the safest for me to use. Plus, sometimes Windows will just rewrite the delete the entry anyways.
  9. CCleaner settings

    It will check for invalid desktop shortcuts (have no target) and the it will do the same for start menu shortcuts too.
  10. Strange image in Firefox 3

    I don't get it on my firefox, but I have seen them before. Like he said, with some jap sites. You might want to do a complete uninstall, delete profile/everything, and do a full install on it.
  11. Registry Cleaner

    I can confirm that is does do it, but not sure not the reason yet.
  12. Registry Cleaner

    I will test this out now...
  13. CCleaner for U3 Flash drives

    Sent you a PM.
  14. CCleaner for U3 Flash drives

    I created a version of CCleaner for U3 (an advanced version), but I need someone to test it out.
  15. Happy Birthday to Me!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  16. Making CCLEANER portable

    You can make a U3 version of it, if you like. Several members have/do already.
  17. Making CCLEANER portable

    I guess, but there is already a portable version. http://www.ccleaner.com/download/builds
  18. Duplicate Entries in Applications Section

    Hopefully everything is fixed now...
  19. Language Files - lang-####.dll

    Lang-.dll list 1031 Deutsch 1036 Fran?ais 1034 Espa?ol 1040 Italiano 2070 Portugu?s 1046 Portugu?s (do Brasil) 1043 Nederlands 1110 Galego 1027 Catal? 1053 Svenska 1044 Norwegian 1035 Suomi 1030 Dansk 1029 Cesky 1032 Greek 1055 T?rk?e 1049 Russian 1048 Romana 1045 Polski 1038 Magyar 1063 Lietuviu 1052 Albanian 1025 Arabic 1037 Hebrew 1041 Japanese 1028 Chinese (Traditional) 2052 Chinese (Simplified) 1042 Korean 3098 Serbian Cyrillic 2074 Serbian Latin 1051 Slovensky 1071 Macedonian 5146 Bosanski 1026 Bulgarian
  20. Winapp2.ini

    I suggested having a GUI for it a long long time ago. As far as it be included, I doubt it since it is user based entries, and not made by the author.
  21. Need a good name for my program

    MFL: Multi-Free Laucher. I don't know, I will think about it... Also, let me know when we will be able to try it.
  22. Translate Beginner's Guide

    By all meanings translate it if you wish. I going to be updating it in the next day or so anyways, if you want to wait til then. I'm also getting a real url for it too.
  23. What AntiVirus do you use?

    What AntiVirus do you use? I use Avast Home Edition.
  24. Beginner's Guide

    Welcome to the Beginner?s Guide to CCleaner (Crap Cleaner)! Version: 2.10.618 There are now 2 versions, there is a help file, and there is an online help file. BeginnersGuide.zip ( 64.71k ) Off-site Mirror BeginnersGuide.zip CCleaner Beginner's Guide There is also a printable version of CCleaner Beginner's Guide. CCleaner Beginner's Guide Printable Version If you have any concerns or question about this guide, feel free to email me at twistedmetal@internetrotsyourbrain.com. BeginnersGuide.zip