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  1. Fake 'waterproof' iPhone ad

    7.0.2 just came out. It makes the iPhone bulletproof!
  2. Fake 'waterproof' iPhone ad

    People will believe anything. I didn't even hear about this ad until yesterday. I have an iPhone 5 and iOS 7 for sometime now and if you believe that ad. I have a chip for my car that will make it fly too. Software can not make a phone waterproof, it's about the design of the phone. I believe from day one that the internet came out, everyone was told. "Don't believe everything on the internet." Always check the company's web page, not a stupid ad you see.
  3. Forum access on mobile devices

    I use Tapatalk on iOS and Andriod.
  4. A Piriform Newbie says hello

    Piriform's software was always meant to be free. It's just there are perks for pro versions and the business side of it. I remember back when there was only free versions, it was just me and MrG (CCleaner only developed). I got to play with the beta versions. Welcome by the way!
  5. Android vs iOS

    I like both the OSes, if I had to choose. It would be Android, only ICS or JB though. I really hated GB with a passion, I am a big modder, and I like that the OS is open source. It also has a huge community on how to make the OS better and faster. I think iOS is more stable and runs apps/games better, but the OS was made to run only on certain hardware.
  6. I can remove the sig Sent from, which I probably will.
  7. If you are paranoid about anyone recovering your data. Don't own a computer. The agencies have software to recovery about anything. FYI... I don't even wipe anything, its a waste. Sent from my Xperia Play
  8. What do you get with CCleaner Professional?

    Automatic updates and able to clean all user accounts. Just recently the ability to auto clean in the background. Sent from my Xperia Play
  9. Ubuntu 13.04 out today

    I actually like Ubuntu. I have tried Fedora 18, but wasn't really a fan of it.
  10. Uninstall old version first?

    There is no need to uninstall. Just update over the current version.
  11. Ashampoo New Year Deal

    Spam your email? President's Day Sale, every app 1 cent. Na, they don't spam at all. I don't think 3 years is long enough for this topic. Let's keep it alive for no reason! JKing This topic really is dead now. Oh late... Now, it really is!
  12. CCleaner for Android

    I guess not, but I can't recommend using ccleaner either (its not out yet).
  13. CCleaner for Android

    Probably shouldn't be saying this... oh well. I have been using Clean Master for sometime now. Can't wait to see what ccleaner is like.
  14. They might have found a cure for cancer?

    I believe they have a cure for any diease, if you catch it early enough. But like Andavari said, it's all about the money.
  15. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    All I use is Firefox, my wife is an IE fan. For some reason, some sites she goes to. Do not work right on IE 10 and we have IE 11 just around the corner too. I will try out Chrome once they release a stable version with the new engine.
  16. Drive Wiper used up most of my disk space?

    See if there is a file in the main drive like above and delete. Sometimes the file doesn't get deleted automatically.
  17. CCleaner for Android

    More info will come once it gets closer to release. I am sure of it.
  18. I should be sticking around now more than I have been.
  19. The Health Tabs work fine for me. I have 3 drives, the Health tab works on 2, but the 3rd drive is formatted, so I don't think it should show something.
  20. Windows 8 pro upgrade 39.99

    I will probably get it, just going to wait to see if Microsoft sends me anything. I have been doing a lot of closed testing stuff on it. I heard I was supposed to get a big discount on it, but then again it is Microsoft...
  21. Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012

    Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012 is on sale for $4.99/year. I was using free software, but for $4.99 I couldn't resist. http://www.comodo.com/home/internet-security/internet-security-pro.php No, this is not spam or anything. I just thought it was a good deal and didn't know if anyone knew it or not... Plus, I haven't posted in a while.
  22. Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012

    I am still around. I usually check in every other day, I just don't login as much.
  23. Getting Married

    Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been active like I should be. Just to let everyone know I am getting married today!
  24. Winnapp2.ini

    The winapp2.ini file is just fine to have. We have been in discussion for some time now about winapp2.ini. The large file of the winapp2.ini was slowing down the performance of CCleaner. So, I removed the actual file. It's probably best to just make a new winapp2.ini and put in the entries that you only need.
  25. The most amazing movie I've seen

    I watched it in IMAX 3D. It was the best 3d movie I have seen.