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  1. Yes, it's a false positive. It usually happens after every release. It should be fixed in a day or two, Microsoft will have to update the filter.
  2. It would be best to contact the actual Support Team, just login to your account and Submit a request. I will also let them know about this post.
  3. You can always just download it from here. It will update the same way.
  4. Windows automatically recreates the files once they are deleted. They will be empty though...
  5. Microsoft Edge is always open by default, so CCleaner can't clean it. See here:
  6. All you had to do was use portable or install Slim version. Also, what do you mean by Spyware Chrome?
  7. You can go to Options, Cookies, and keep the Cookies you need. Or, untick in Cookies on the browser you use in Custom Clean. If you use Easy Clean and it will everything with the default Settings.
  8. TwistedMetal


    I don't see bitcoin or really any digital currency going anywhere. It's only worth what people will pay for it. It's not backed up by any banks or countries, it has no stability, and the market goes from one extreme to the other. It could be worthless at anytime!
  9. If you don't open Edge before cleaning, you will get that message. It's the way Windows works now... Just make sure to open Edge at least once and then close it before cleaning.
  10. I believe you only purchase license code from the Piriform site and also you should not have to deactivate your internet to register any code from any program.
  11. It might clean more, it might clean less, or it might clean the same. It could depend on what you have selected too... Different version could have new apps for cleaning, or even have removed an app, due to compatibility issues, (highly unlikely) or it could be that, newer versions only added bug fixes, and new features (more that likely).
  12. 1.5 GB is probably the average for most people. It all depends on your usage and settings you have. I have cleaned GB's on some computers I have worked on, again it depends on your usage.
  13. I would give a day or two, the new version of the program may have not been uploaded the file site yet. Feel free to post again, if it's still showing up.
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