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  1. Later I'll get to the issue that prompted this note but for the nonce: I've used the free version of cCleaner since before it was ccleaner and I personally see little reason to upgrade. You almost got me with the latest addition but that has some issues. Settings -> "Run CCleaner when windows starts" is unchecked but it always seems to start with Windows anyway. That's okay, I can terminate it ... Options -> Smart Cleaning: "Tell me when there are junk files to clean" is unchecked but you still give notifications when ccleaner can clean more than a GB (or so it seems.) Advanced -> "close program after cleaning" is unchecked but clcleaner still resides in my task bar, close program to me means terminate the program and any instances of it. Tools -> "software updater" There's no indication that this is a pro feature until you click on "Update all" It seems to work now ("no Thanks" twice) but the first time I tried it after an install clicking anything simply produced a "beep" (non-problem since I can't replicate it)
  2. Andavari, normally I just run it after I've looked at some program(s), decided they're not what I wanted and then do some housecleaning. I don't use monitoring, the only 3rd party monitoring I have on my system is my anti-virus; there are just too many that claim to do such miraculous things that I gave up looking at them. Not to say that some of them aren't good, just that *I* don't feel I benefit enough from them to have them online all the time. The major part of the reason I'm looking at CCleaner is that I've never, that I recall, lost tabs during normal use, it always occurs after having used ccleaner. I'll let this hang until I lose them and see if I can put together a recreatable scenario.
  3. Nope, they're both empty (er, both = include and exclude) Actually, no I'm not sure. That's what makes this so bloody irritating! (you missed 'Options' ) Restore Windows and tabs from last time - oh, definitely! I normally have 3 - 4 tab groups available; 3 pinned tabs and 4 - 8 tabs (depending on the group) While I do have several WebDev addons loaded this is sporadic enough that I don't think it's any of them. This seems to occur after running CCleaner but not every time. And I can't find a consistent anything to 'peg' it to! While I just: Booted Computer Loaded Firefox (tabs in place) Ran ccleaner (got rid of the old InsiderPreview, etc) closed Firefox loaded firefox - all copasetic closed firefox ran ccleaner - didn't find much opened Firefox - all fine closed firefox ran ccleaner - registery (and of course after an insiderPreview update last night, it found a lot, mostly video card stuff and Framework V1) reran ccleaner registry - registry and found a few more Framework Vi entries. loaded Firefox and everything is fine. I have no tab groups, they went away a while back and I haven't done anything to need them - I will create a tab group later today when I do some genealogy - probably. If I've done something wrong there, give me some ideas. This is what makes this exercise so blasted frustrating. They only seem to disappear after I've used ccleaner - but not all the time. I'm game for any comments / suggestions since it's obviously something that I cannot replicate consistently - but I wish that whatever it is (and I think it's ccleaner) would leave my tabs / tabgroups alone
  4. My apologies again for the duplication of a topic but I didn't see the other post until after I'd started this. Andavari, maybe I'm missing something here, I can do as you suggest, but everything under applications -> firefox *is* unchecked. Why would checking one and testing make a difference? I'll go get the new version now, I normally stay within a version or two of current and since this has been an ongoing problem for me I didn't think updating would be *that* critical. If I come across as being argumentative, I'm not, it's just that I'm trying to understand your logic.
  5. excuse me, I've duplicated this thread with a new post on the topic. When I tell IPBoard to show me all previous posts in my profile it shows none ... not a great day for this old fart!
  6. Since I don't see anything else relating to this I apparently have something set wrong. Every time I run ccleaner, as the title says, I lose my current tabs and tab groups. I have several projects on the stove, so shove the inactive ones to the back burner (move them to a different tab group) Currently running: Firefox 43.0.4 ccleaner 5.12.5431 ccleaner applications tab has EVERYTHING for Firefox UNchecked. So why do I keep losing tabs and groups???
  7. Well, my math was tired when I posted that "Bump" it was actually 29 hours later. Thanks for the replies but I'm somewhat at a loss now. Just ran ccleaner 4.08.4428 deleted a couple of visual express programs shut down firefox ran cleaner everything's okay shut down firefox ran the registry cleaner everything's right I Had pretty pictures to go along with this but since there's not a problem there's no sense in posting them, Honestly, I'm not sure if the problem was fixed in the upgrade or .... ??? Winapp2.ini: nothing extra, basic free ccleaner where I select a few things to leave alone. Looks like I'm going to have to play a bit better attention to what I've been doing and see what is that has caused them to go away before and see if continues. I'm confused!
  8. This is a very old frustration. I use tab groups and normally have several tabs open. Run ccleaner each time I delete a program and with everything UNchecked from Applications / Firefox it seems as if everything related to tabs has disappeared the next time I start Firefox. Any suggestions on how to keep them?
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