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  1. Afternoon, Thanks a lot for both replies and helping me. I have used the software recommended and it came back with the same results, and showing my disk drive as 0% health, not looking very good is it. My laptop is a Samsung NP NC-10 which I purchased in 05/2009, so its 4.5 years old and gathering from what you have said this then seems to be an accurate reading of the state of my drive. OK ,I know this isnt the correct place to ask, however could you shed some light on how i go about getting a new hard disk and if i should upgrade my memory whilst I'm at it? And if not maybe point me in the right direction, Many thanks again.
  2. Hello, I have a slight problem, as I'm not 100% sure how to use piriform defraggler. My basic knowledge stretches as far as knowing how to analyse/defrag various drives on my laptop, mainly C drive. My issue? When I analysed my C drive before defragment it came up with disk health: error. My first step was to Action > Advanced > Check drive for errors. After this, it said no major errors were found ( drive C) What I would like to know? How serious is it , when the defraggler is telling me disk health: error? How do I find out what error it is? And finally what are the motions so I can reach a solution? Any help/advice is much appreciated, Thanks, Sarah
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