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  1. Hi Nergal..thanks for the response. I did email with customer support and they really didn't answer my question. I have used Optimizer programs before to defrag my drive and never has it taken a day to accomplish..especially a brand new computer. It did finally finish up and things seem to be working fine. As for the drive..would you know if the Dell XPS 27 has a SSD? Also you mentioned something about turning off the Tapatalk signature..how do I do that. I'm new to forums and just trying to figure them out. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  2. I purchased defraggler pro and I am using it on a 2 week old computer thinking that a drive optimization would take maybe 10 minutes. This thing has been running for 15 hours and is only 26% done. What's it doing to my brand new computer. I've run both MS Defrag and Norton Defrag before and I have never seen an Optimizer take this long. Needless to say I'm very concerned since this is a new computer and have already spent hours personalizing it...The last thing I need is for this computer to get all messed up and have to spend hours with Dell Tech support trying to fix what Defraggler may be actually doing to my drive. I can understand if this had been an old, slow computer that was never optimized but that's not the case here. The program currently shows 30% fragmentation and remaining time >1 day to optimize my C drive. Is the normal? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free