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  1. Oh. Oops. Let me try that again: http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/4770/46zu.jpg It is a Dutch version of Windows. It says 'in orde' next to everything, which means 'okay', 'fine' or 'in order.' I believe English versions of Windows use the term healthy, so that's why I implied it. I am attempting to save files from S, but because it hasn't even been able to scan properly, I can't save them to anything. I want to save them to my computer's internal hard drive.
  2. Do you mean this? http://img809.imageshack.us/img809/7941/e5ki.jpg As stated, it's a 1 TB external harddrive with two partitions. One NTSF, one FAT32. The NTSF (S:) one is the only one I actively used. Windows says both partitions are healthy, even though I know they're not.
  3. Yes. My operating system is Windows 7, and I've never used the external harddrive on another computer (it's fairly new). It's an external harddrive with two partitions; a FAT32 one and a NTFS one. It's basically pretending to be two seperate harddrives.
  4. It never finds files when deep scan is unchecked. Thanks for your reply. I'm searching for undeleted files because my external hard drive is corrupted, but the files are still on there. I don't think my external harddrive would have protected system files on it. Are there any other reasons this could be happening?
  5. Come on, people, I really really need help. This thread has been floating around for a few days now.
  6. Hello, my external harddrive recently came corrupted. The software is in such bad shape that I'll probably have to format it, but I wanted to save my files first. I tried to let Recuva recover my files, but two things go wrong every time: - It finds 8 files and then sticks on 0 % progress permanently. - When it does find files, they are ancient deleted ones instead of the undeleted files I need. And yes, I have properly selected the option for searching undeleted files. If anyone could help, that'd be great. I don't want to lose all my files.
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