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  1. That was interesting. I started CCleaner and stepped away from the computer. I forgot I had it running, so it was left running overnight. I got up the next day and CCleaner was clickable. I shut it down then restarted it. Guess what? No longer have problems. Program starts as it should and buttons are clickable. Weird.
  2. System specs: Windows 8.1 64bit AMD FX-6200 Zambezi 6-Core 3.8GHz Memory 10 GB Speed: PC3-12800 MB/s Type: DDR3-1600 CCleaner started acting up. It now triggers UAC, which it didn't before. I can start the program and 1 of 2 things will happen. 1) it will open and when I mouse over it, I get the busy signal from the cursor. 2) it will just sit there and can't click on anything. Frozen. I had some of this go on with the last version too. The only way to stop the program is through Task Manager. I've uninstalled/reinstalled rather than update. No change. File I downloaded was from Piriform.
  3. Well, I installed HWiNFO64 (the 64bit one) and no problems. It runs just fine. In another forum someone suggested that Kaspersky was "sandboxing" Speccy. That isn't the case. Kaspersky took out their "safe run" aka "sandbox" in Internet Security 2013. I've done numerous Google searchs (Kaspersky Speccy bsod), and not found anything like the problem I'm having. Right after I bought this computer (May), I'd put Speccy in and it ran OK. That is until I configured Speccy to show the CPU temp in the tray. I've had Speedfan in and that caused no problems. So, I guess that Speccy and Kaspersky don't play well together. @Alan These new Win 8 computers don't come with an install disc. They come with a recovery partition. What a PIA. When the warranty‎ is up on this box I'll most likely be buying an install disc. Moving from 64bit Home Premium to 64bit Pro.
  4. Running Win 8 64bit. Here's the system particulars. Browser MSIE 10.0 System OS Windows 6.2.9200 Home Premium x64 System OS Install Date System Make Hewlett-Packard System Model h8-1534 System Serial Number Main Board Make Gigabyte Main Board Model 2AC8 Main Board Version 1.2 Main Board BIOS AMI v8.09 HPQOEM - 1072009 20121030 Processor Description AMD FX-6200 Six-Core Number of Processors 6 Processor Clock Speed 3791 Mhz Graphics Description AMD Radeon HD 7570 Memory Installed 10240 MBs Memory Slots 4 slots Memory Configuration 4096+2048+4096;DIMM Synchronous Drive Name © OS Drive Size © 1409802 MBs Drive Format © NTFS Drive Name (D) Recovery Image Drive Size (D) 19195 MBs Drive Format (D) NTFS Drive Name (J) My Book Drive Size (J) 953867 MBs Drive Format (J) NTFS Drive Name (K) Vantec Drive Size (K) 305242 MBs Drive Format (K) NTFS Monitor Model Generic PnP Monitor Monitor Resolution 1600 x 1200 pixels Monitor Screen Size 14.8 x 11.7 inches 18.9 inches (diagonal) Monitor Manufacture Date August 2005 Monitor Serial Number 16843009 Installing Speccy wasn't a problem. Running it was. It slowed down so much I thought I was running a Pentium 166. Setting Speccy to show the CPU temp in the tray caused a BSOD. Upon rebooting, Kaspersky Internet Security wasn't running (couldn't start, databases corrupted). Trying to download the Kaspersky uninstall tool failed. Message received was 'can not save file, file/directory corrupt'. That was trying to save to C. Saving to an external drive worked. Then found out that Windows was corrupt. Tried to do a system restore (made one before installing Speccy). That failed. Windows reported errors on the drive and couldn't continue. A "refresh" of Windows failed, Windows was corrupted. Had to do a full "reset" of Windows. This has happened twice. I had no choice but to do a full reset of Windows both times. This is maddening, I'd like to use Speccy but will not put it back in until the solution is known.
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