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  1. Thanks, guys! I just downloaded the most recent free version, v4.01.4093 (64 bit), though I only recently did so after having replaced Windows 7 hard drive just 3 weeks ago. Like others, I was confused by the "update" page, and possibly did not find the right free version before, though this has never happened in all the years I've been using CC. I just ran the cleaner, 7 passes, and it deleted all 14MB that were reported. Will get back with more details if the problem happens again. Thanks for "being there"!!! Larry
  2. Have happily used CCleaner for years. Lately, when I "analyze" for files to be removed, CCleaner will report, for instance, 236MB, but when I run cleaner, it says 38MB removed. If I re-run it, it shows that files have been cleaned. These large disparities are turning up quite frequently nowadays. Am I missing something? Larry
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