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  1. 3 hours ago, Amber Shore said:

    The fact that some are showing up as overwritten by pre-format files is what has me confused. 

    What you see are cross linked files. What is convincing you that the old files are written over the large video. And that it's not the 
    video that occupied old previous ?deleted? files. Iaw maybe you should try to recover the video (to another medium!!!) and see what comes out.

  2. 9 minutes ago, Amber Shore said:

    It was from an in-camera reformat.

    Presumably the used filesystem for the format is exFat. Do you now if this is true? Did you by any chance interupted
    the reformat as soon as you discovered that you made a mistake in formatting the card.

    The manual states "Since data cannot be recovered after formatting, make sure to back up necessary data in advance."

    Whether that's universaly true and due to the formatting proces as Panasonic implemented it, I don't know.

  3. 36 minutes ago, Amber Shore said:

    I didn't. This all happened in-camera.

    Then there's the possibility that at one point your camera ran out of power and the date was reset to a point prior to the actual date.
    Happens to me all the time :D You say all happened "in-camera". For the format operation this might be true. But for the recovery
    operation you certainly had to get the memory card out. By the way, was the format the reason the video got deleted or a previous 
    "in-camera" delete operation. Because the scenario I describe are based on losing it from a delete and not from a reformat.

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