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  1. Just as a follow-up: Realizing I might as well try to load the software program again, as everything was likely lost and couldn't be retrieved, I did that. It is a Bible Explorer program, which had my notes, highlighting, and files I created. I had saved it as a backup on another part of the computer. (I had deleted the program itself off the computer.) Expecting to start again from the beginning, I put the disk in, and added the program--which I had deleted--back again. When I did that, it somehow re-incorporated all the files and everything else in the backup file. Voila! I got it back. I don't know how it did this, or if Recuva somehow helped. But I am glad to know about it. Anyway, thanks for your suggestions.
  2. Thanks, both of you, for trying to find a solution, and for your time. It's good to know that with the odds of it helping to bring back the program with its notes being "somewhere between none and zero"--there's not much use in fiddling with it. Sounds like Recuva is useful for other things, though. Thanks again.
  3. Hazelnut--yes, I tried the latest version of Recuva. It still happens. Augeas - I unzipped Recuva to a new folder. I tried it with both recuva.exe and recuva64.exe, not knowing for sure which to use. Got the same message with both. I deleted a program with uninstall. I was wondering if maybe my system is too old--or won't unzip things properly. I've never gotten this "dynamic link file KERNEL" message before on anything. I haven't used the computer much since I deleted it, to hopefully keep from writing over it in case it can be recovered. Thank you both for your responses - any idea what I could try, or maybe what I did wrong (if anything) in trying to use Recuva?
  4. Oh - and just to clarify - I downloaded the Speccy program just in case I needed it to find the information about my operating system. Didn't use Speccy yet all. Just trying to see if I can get my program/notes back.
  5. Talking right now only about the Recuva program (I found the info without using Speccy) - maybe I didn't copy the portable version right? Or maybe I don't have the right thing to unzip it? But when I think I've got Recuva about to go - I click the Recuva.exe and get that message - "Entry Point not found" etc. Any ideas on how to make it work? Thanks. I actually deleted a program I'd like to recover (I had made notes in it) rather than reinstalling.
  6. OK. For the sake of others who may not know how to check, I went to the "My Computer" symbol and right-clicked, then clicked on "Properties"; that's how to find the operating system. I have Microsoft Windows 2000, 5.00.2195; Service pack 4.
  7. I'll check. It's old, I know that. Thanks.
  8. Ok--let me show my ignorance here ... you mean like which version of DOS or Windows? --it's been years since I've been in a computer class. I downloaded your Speccy program if I did it right and can get it to work on my computer...thanks for responding.
  9. Hello-- I recently deleted somethings I'd like to recover. Found Recuva. Sounds great. I used the version that is portable. When I tried to run it in my computer though (after hitting recuva.exe) I got this: "Recuva.exe - Entry Point Not Found" "The procedure entry point GetProcessed could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll" There's an "OK" button I then have to hit to get rid of the message. Anyone know what I need to do? If you are willing to explain in simple terms, I'd greatly appreciate it. (Maybe I copied it wrong?) Thanks
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