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  1. This Post is in addition to a support email I have sent. First I'd like to thank Piriform for providing such useful software, it is developers like Piriform that make the IT world that much better! Second, to the issue. I'm writing in concern of Defraggler not correctly identifying Solid State Drives (SSD) and consequently allowing defragmentation of an SSD. Those that are familiar with how SSD function know that it is improper to defragment an SSD for many reasons; two of which quickly come to mind. First that an SSD utilizes "wear leveling"; a byproduct of this being that sectors are reported differently than a platter hard disk, causing analysis to indicate false fragmentation. A second and very important reason being that defragmentation adds substantial unnecessary wear to the flash cells, which have a limited read-write lifetime. Therefore I strongly appeal the Defraggler team to correct this issue as I believe there are many users who defragment all of their drives, unaware of the damaging effects it has on their SSD. I am earnestly awaiting a response, Thank you Kyle H RMExhibits
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