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  1. CCleaner 4 Suggestion

    Maybe cleaning the most opened document on Microsoft Office 2013? It will be nice if Ccleaner has the option to customizing appearance (color themes, styled button, animation when cleaning), isn it? Hope it will be real
  2. Defraggler how often should I run it

    I do a full defrag just when I've cleaned the virus on my disc, then Defraggler do its job very well to bring the speed to normal again. Never been scheduled yet. But i do the scanning on C: drive every week to see if the defrag is more than 20%. I think it optimizes the startup time a bit.
  3. Defraggler wishlist for version 3.x

    Hmm, I wish can defrag the scattered blocks displayed to be just one big-simultaneous block. Maybe it can faster the loading of files.