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  1. Thank you All For Your Help My speccy Is Working!! And Thanks Hazelnut and DennisD For Providing The Fix. Happy Holidays Everyone! Shawn
  2. Hey I Tried The Windows Repair It Did Not Fix The Issue But It Fix Some Other Issues I was Having lol. is The Anything Else I Can Try nergal? and hazlenut i am sorry but i am not downloading that simple .reg file i dont trust it but thanks. Shawn
  3. Hi Nergal, i can get any log file everytime i load speccy even in debug mode i get the error message the the program closes i gone to try that window repair thing. i will post back later and let you know what happens thanks Shawn
  4. Hello Nergal, When I Run Speccy In Debug Mode I Get The Same Error Message Plus A Message That Says No Update Advabile I Have Attached A Screen Shot. Do You Have Any Other Ideas.
  5. Hi I Have speccy Version 1.19.411 Istalled On My Computer when I load speccy it analizes cpu, ram and motherboard then speccy displays and error message "LoadLibary Faild With Error 126: The specfied Module Could Not Be Found." Can Someone Please Help. I Am Running Windows 8 Pro 64-Bit OS. I Have Uninstalled The Software And Reinstalled It And I Still Recieve The Error Message. Thanks Shawn
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