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  1. I run CCleaner always after I shut down the browser... It would be nice if CCleaner had a feature that it would auto-clean the moment SeaMonkey is shut down... Take it up a notch.. it would be better if I could set CCleaner to auto-run after any kind of OS cluttering process... I run CCleaner, then Cacheman Memory Restore right after it... Would be super if I could do them both at a single mouse click... Your two companies could get together on this project... Then both would benefit from each other's marketing... I think it's called "win/win"... And given that the public also wins, then it has to be called "win/win/win"... And if I got rewarded for my idea, it would thus be a "win/win/win/win"... And if I used my reward to help others... we would have a "fiver"... and if they helped others... "oops!.. seems this roll could be a "bottomless-pit" of goodness begating goodness... I best stop before this thing goes cosmic, and I git bit...
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