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  1. Driver update

    g'day KorSiz and welcome to the forums. sorry, going to have to completely disagree on this one. -1 from me. personally I hate all drive updater programs - I have seen many and ALL are nothing more than snake-oil peddlers. disregarding the ones that are purely designed to spread malware, the others often just make things worse. the best driver updater is already on your system - Windows! just let Windows Updates do its job, it'll get there eventually. with the Piriform name and the CC software currently being in the state it is, I really hope they sort their current issues out first before venturing into new features.
  2. I can't access my (Free) Ccleaner

    unlike other forums you may be familiar with, this one doesn't have that option.:(
  3. It's completely compatible with SSDs. the thing to watch with SSDs is the over-use of high I/O programs, so if you had any concerns, simply run CC less frequently. and yes, avoid Reg cleaners under Windows 10. Simply no need unless you are troubleshooting actual problems. From a maintenance view point, you'll achieve no performance gain.
  4. Smart Codes

    the trouble with SMART data is each manufacturer follows their own standards. so a threshold on a Western Digital can be different on a Seagate drive. I looked into this about a year ago now and from memory even the ID categories were not standardised.
  5. Or for any software really.
  6. Incorrect Motherboard Temp?

    no not dead (yet) just not responded to by anyone in authority to do so. as you have gathered, disregard what Speccy is telling you, this is a long, long, soooo long, an issue that you might as well 1) assume it will never be addressed and 2) wonder what else in Speccy it is getting wrong.
  7. what about trying it with the PC booted into Safe Mode?
  8. resolved? - nope. what was a long standing 2'ish year old issue back in June is now a 2.5'ish year old issue.
  9. g'day Xavier and welcome versions of CC earlier than v5.33 (or thereabouts) will not install on Windows 10, it's something Microsoft implemented about 2 years ago. as to the new version you are trying, are you getting an error message during the install process?
  10. Can't delete duplicate files

    haven't even heard back from the OP.
  11. -1 I'll humbly disagree as well. for me, adding these extra features was the start of the slippery slope in the decline of CC when it moved away from its core, founding principle of being the best crap cleaning tool out there.
  12. Season's Greetings

    always time for Christmas avatars! Seasons Greeting to all our forum members
  13. How to reply to forum

    for every computer glitch, hardware issue, software bug - someone has to be the first. maybe you really are the first for your problem. the average forum user that repeatedly signs in does so with the aim of helping others. if your problem hasn't been addressed, you fall into three categories; no-one can help no-one cares the person who can help hasn't seen your post don't forget this is a community forum, used by volunteers, freely giving up their time and offering advice when and where they can. if you don't like the advice already offered or feel unsatisfied, there is nothing stopping you from seeking advice from other forums, such as, PC Help Forum, Wilders or Computer Hope.
  14. processes still running

    no argument there, and as @andavari says, the installer has had issues for many users, for ages - but not all - and I think that's why Piriform hasn't bothered too much about it.
  15. processes still running

    that's the beauty of the portable version - it doesn't get installed. you just double click the executable from where you downloaded it to and away you go. maybe you are doing that and the error is coming from when you try to run it?
  16. processes still running

    have you tried doing the above suggestion with the PC in Safe Mode?
  17. Multiple questions

    1. log files by their very nature just log events. if you want to see the history of an event, then Yes, keep your log files. all I can say is that in 30 years of professionally using PC's I have needed to look at a log file maybe 3 times. so, don't run CC if you are troubleshooting. 2. I've stayed on v5.40 so don'y know about that new feature - sounds wanky to me. 3. you run the potential to restore a 'broken' registry if the restore point has a snapshot of such a registry. cleaning the registry is always potentially unsafe not matyter how small and simply not needed these days except in removing gremlins. 4. it is msconfig, with a bit of %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup and %programdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup and for 32bit HKLM:\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run HKLM:\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce and for 64bit HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run, HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce, HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Window\CurrentVersion\Run, HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce 5. all depends if you want to keep what the cookies are saving 6. I've never had those options ticked. again, it's all down to personal preferences - do you what to delete everything or just everything but the last 24 hours?
  18. iTunes backup files.

    Do you need to restore something from the deleted iTunes backup folder? If not, all the personal stuff is still on your iDevice, just do another backup through iTunes.
  19. sadly, it's very common for them with that behaviour. actually, you could argue that you are lucky they chimed in at all - it is usually that rare.
  20. new software

    or try and get it resent via this; https://www.piriform.com/support/license-lookup
  21. New Microsoft Office Icons

    yeah, never here nor there with them really. I was going to say I haven't minded any of them but a better response would be, none of them I have hated.
  22. use this link to get the key resent to your email; https://www.piriform.com/support/license-lookup or a support ticket can be raised from here; https://piriform.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  23. Netgear router LED not working

    g'day lilamartin and welcome. so did you get the modem/router to connect to the web? what is the make/model of the Netgear unit? on the front, of all the LED's, which one is not lighting up? a snapshot of the modem would be beneficial.
  24. Fundamentally it comes down to two factors, bloat ware and Big Brother is watching.
  25. Registry command-line parameters

    There must be some deleted posts - this thread is now confusing with the last couple of posts making no sense nor providing any help. thread closed.