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  1. that would have scared ya!
  2. Speccy Startup Fails

    what do you mean 'start from registry'? do you mean just start automatically like other programs do at startup? (and appear in msconfig) also, since you have the Pro license, you are entitled to direct, priority support from Piriform, so raise a support ticket from their website and see if you get faster replies. as to lack of any replies here, remember the forum is staffed mostly by volunteers who give up their time and advice freely. lack of feedback usually is due to no-one being able to help you or the one person who can, hasn't logged in and seen this post yet. and of course it can also be no-one gave a damn or understood the issue.
  3. Since the Warner and Smith ball tampering fiasco, I couldn’t care less about the tossers. switched over to the woman’s game and we rock on the world stage in that. i wondered why the November 26 post wasn’t delete with at the time???
  4. old post Andy. reckon the OP got it sorted.
  5. [sug] avoiding temporary moves

    no source Andy, certainly nothing I could put my hands on. more a little memory bell that was ringing.
  6. [sug] avoiding temporary moves

    no malice was intended Andy. simply stating that if you had thought of it, I'd have reasoned others would have too. and yes you are right - someone has to be the first. but in this case, I seem to recall that was actually how it was first done and due to memory constraints and data loss, it went to the method they all now use.
  7. CCleaner browser problem

    find a PDF document on your PC, right click it, click Open with..., click Choose another app, find your preferred PDF program and tick the box Always use this app
  8. [sug] avoiding temporary moves

    all depends on what sort of defrag you are doing and what outcomes you are chasing. if you simply want File A to be defragged, chunks L1-L3 don't even come into it, DF will simply pick up A1, A2 and A3 and find a spot on the drive where they can all be contiguous.
  9. [sug] avoiding temporary moves

    defragging has been around for as long as hard drives have been made. implemented by many companies offering numerous software packages. you'd have to assume that far smarter people than us would have already thought of, and rejected, such an obvious process for whatever reason.
  10. [sug] avoiding temporary moves

    Ah, so [sug] is short for suggestion. took me a while to get that. so if I read that right your suggestion boils down to using memory more to allow physical relocation to be used less, is that right?
  11. Ccleaner use with SSD (solid state drive)

    for anyone interested, type this command to test is TRIM of ON; fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify Disabled means it's ON. and this command from an elevated command prompt to do a TRIM; defrag %systemdrive% /L /V
  12. Invalid class string

    try uninstalling Speccy, reboot the Pc and reload and reinstall it. Long shot, but hey. how old is the PC, what is the OS and CPU?
  13. could it be because you are logged on as the current user and Spotify is installed for all users? also check out running CC as administrator and see if that shows more than the usual crop.
  14. Malware

    @dave was Avast and Chrome also removed? if not, would those offerings not also be flagged as 'malware' by some security software?
  15. I have to ask the obvious question - why are you defragging your SSD? due to the physical nature of how SSD's use NAND cell memory and the near-instantaneous access speeds between the memory blocks, there is simply no benefit to gain and a lot of unnecessary I/O to loss when using DF on SSD's.
  16. Installed latest version of ccleaner

    if you took the offered option to backup the registry before removing stuff then restore it using that file and see if everything returns to normal. put simply THERE IS NO NEED TO CLEAN THE REGISTRY. official MS word on the matter; https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2563254/microsoft-support-policy-for-the-use-of-registry-cleaning-utilities what you are entrusting CCleaner with is the Dev team keeping up with all the Win10 regular releases - and let's be honest here, this is the team who regularly release buggy code.
  17. Malware

    check it's not the embedded Avast and Chrome offering. get the portable build of CC and see if Webroot flags that, the portable build does not have any offerings. if it doesn't, than it's most likely those 'extra features' they push with the normal build. if so, add CC to Webroot's whitelist.
  18. 14 months since the last release - that should tell you all you need to know.
  19. CCleaner has been known to get it wrong as well. Interestingly, not all three products get it wrong at the same time so they must have their own methods of determining what makes up a SSD or not.
  20. Known, VERY long running bug in both Defraggler and CCleaner. Admins and Devs are aware, nothing has been done on this front to rectify it. Last world I heard was they couldn’t replicate it in the labs (or words to that effect) and have given it less than low priority. Do a search on the forum and you’ll see many threads over the YEARS regarding this issue.
  21. Speccy reports CPU Temp as 2x hotter

    I've even proposed closing the thread down. it's not equating to any see able action and is serving no other purpose than to state what is already well known.
  22. Microsoft PowerPoint

    let me Google that for you; http://lmgtfy.com/?q=PowerPoint+Templates
  23. how big is the ISO file? what is the USB flash drive capacity? for those sort of problems in the past, I've just deleted the ISO image on the USB stick and recopied the file over again from the PC drive.
  24. Windows 10 update error

    since it wasn't related to the thread it was posted in, and to try and make it stand out to enable better responses, I split it into its own thread. to get the conversation started, so the upgrade from Win7 to Win10 went OK and now you get that error when using Win10 updates? what have you tried so far to fix it?