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  1. Speccy identified my CPU wrong

    g'day RJM and welcome to the forums. as with all of Piriform's software, their Pro versions offer the same functionality as the Free versions. I'm pretty sure this is stated in the documentation. the Pro versions give extra benefits like direct support and, as an example, in Recuva you can scan VHD's, and in CC you can clean all PC users. but if something doesn't work in a Free version, getting the Pro won't change things. now you do have the Pro, you could raise a support ticket (and get that priority support you're paying for) from the website and enquire about getting your money back.
  2. Video recovery

    if you think the file was deleted two years ago, then I will go one step further than Augeas and say you have no chance at all. that's two years of updates, usage, gaming, installing new software and hardware, different users, system maintenance, defrags, etc. and any one of those activities reduces the recovery chances, times that by two years and you have no hope. would that video not be some where else, like her PC or someone else's, or sent as an email around the time it was taken?
  3. Video recovery

    when was the file deleted?
  4. New version hanging windows

    g'day and welcome to the forums. your post is brief and to the point but more info would help. is this happening all the time? only with the latest version? what error message if any do you get? better info equates to better help.:)
  5. 2.22.995 thinks that hdd is ssd

    all valid questions, all been asked before, still waiting on any sort of official word.
  6. Partially Recovered File

    Outlook PST files are database files. If it's partially recovered then the indexes (and the raw data) are very likely buggered. you will need to use the supplied SCANPST file (located in the Office Program Files folder) to fix the PST file - but I have to say, your chances are remote, at best.
  7. Speed up Defraggler

    I thought the monthly (by default) scheduled 'defrag' that Windows does is merely an Optimise, in other words, a TRIM.
  8. this keeps coming up now and again. those INetCache are Windows generated - delete them and (as you've discovered) they'll just come back. even though YOU don't use IE, Windows still does as IE, Skype, Office, OneDrive, Defender, metro apps, etc all share common system libraries. they take up next to no space, so either ignore them and move on or add them to the exceptions list.
  9. Address

    that's awesome, never know when that little tidbit will come in handy. I'd never heard of a BBB complaint, had to look that up. who knew there was such a mob as the Better Business Bureau. sounds like a toothless tiger organisation to me - something your Gran would say when you were naughty - "Don't you hit your sister or I'll report you to the BBB" @nicon - that's for the nod. (I've moved this to The Lounge as it had nothing to do with CC)
  10. CCcleaner app contained on flash drive

    functionality would be the same but at 20MB or so, why bother. for such a small file your laptop space would need to be getting critical for such a paltry space saving. you'd be better off reducing recycle bin size, stopping restore points, turning off hibernation - that sort of thing.
  11. Hopefully the Devs will see this. as to any sort of outcome, who knows.
  12. ok, glad you got it sorted.
  13. hi Georg and welcome. but to clarify... the disk has 350GB capacity. 280GB free space. and contains 400GB of data. I want to see that pie chart - fire up File Explorer, right click that drive and select Properties. attached a Snip of that screen and attach it here. doesn't matter how highly compressed that drive is, you still can't fit a square peg into a round hole.
  14. nah, can't see it myself, there are simply too many other products out there that actually work.
  15. New Microsoft Office Icons

    What doesn’t help?
  16. welcome to the forums. I wouldn't hold your breathe sadly. hasn't been a Speccy release for some time and when there was it caused all manner of issues (and if memory serves, it was even pulled until a 3rd party software component, CPU-Z brought out a new release) personally, I believe all Piriforms products except CCleaner have even been abandoned or at least moth-balled while they ignore current bugs and prioritise new, unwanted features. if only an Admin would offer some insight....

    one can only assume that Speccy has been abandoned. the other conclusion is the developers (both of them) have been too busy with the new, software updater feature of CCleaner.
  18. you'll find previous versions on FileHippo.
  19. How to use C Cleaner for £15?

    g'day Anne and welcome to the forum. so where are you up to? have you downloaded and installed CCleaner? where did you get it from? what version of Windows do you have? if you have downloaded and installed it, go to Start and you should see it in the list of programs. click CCleaner to start it and once it starts, you simply click Run Cleaner in the bottom right corner and let it do its thing with the default settings.
  20. Delete

    Good news on sorting it out.
  21. g'day Aki and welcome. yep, you are seeing a long running bug, also happens in Windows. would have to be around 2 years old now so don't expect too much in an official response or fix.
  22. The Wrong Temperature Thread

    g'day Stu and welcome to the forum, "what causes this bug?" - DAMN Stu, you ask the hard questions don't you? with complete lack of answers, despite repeated attempt by us Mods and implied by each and every post in this thread, no one knows. 'why so hard to fix?' - well, you can only assume it's nigh on impossible, or their care factor is zero or the Devs have been told to relegate it so low as they deliver very important, necessary features like pop-ups, licensing checks and beta features like software versioning checks no-one saw coming. (yep, that was sarcasm) there's nothing like something new and sparkly to divert one's attention I guess.
  23. Delete

    you should find it in your browser's list of add-ons/extensions.
  24. [RESOLVED] Slow launch

    OK, let's agree to disagree and move on. glad you sort the issue out yourself then.
  25. [RESOLVED] Slow launch

    ummm.... a solution I think is what was offered.