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  1. Useless new Privacy 'menu'?

    Whoops.... classic case of lazy programmers and lack of testing.
  2. Chrome keeps the history in one file, so being 4-5 months ago, it would be long over-written. if you had been doing system image backups and have them going back that far, that would be your only hope.
  3. Implement WOL

    Why? - out of curiousity.
  4. Ccleaner not fixing registry

    click Start, Run, type regedit and hit OK. that'll start Regedit where you can locate those keys and delete them - but with all things registry related - if it ain't broke don't touch it. having those unused entries will not hurt your PC.
  5. feel free to try v5.42 and 5.41 but for me, I've stayed on v5.40 they are all available at FileHippo.
  6. Windows 10 Forced Update

    yes, the free version of Recuva can be used on all your PC's. do you know what sort of upgrade Windows 10 did? if it initiated one itself, it should have kept all your programs and personal data so reverting back should be as simple as going to Settings, Update & Security, Recovery. there is a 30 day window that this is available for. if the update wiped everything and installed a fresh OS then I'm confident a lot, if not all, of your files will be lost or overwritten to the point of being useless.
  7. Dear Tech Support

    what!... its been a year?.... you must not have received the Service Pack, you should be on Husband 1.5.2 to get the update manually, locate left earlobe and twist clockwise two turns.
  8. hey Razz, long time no see. in case you are not up on recent events, v5.43 has a few issues and to keep this short, reverting back to a previous version seems to be the quickest fix.
  9. NOT working in SAFE MODE

    @theeban055 I see you had tried v.51 and now v5.43 - could I suggest reverting to v5.40 and seeing if that helps. I only ask because, for me, that was the last version that I felt 'just worked'. I have been told by an Admin that v5.40 has 'critical bugs' but haven't they all recently !!! despite that, it still remains a solid performer for me. as previously stated, we (Moderators) have posted this thread to a reserved area where Admins regularly log on to view issues - sadly that is all we can do.
  10. Ccleaner not fixing registry

    let's get the usual cautionary tales out of the way... there's no reason to touch the registry. in fact, doing so, there's greater chance you'll make things worse. official word from Microsoft is; https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2563254/microsoft-support-policy-for-the-use-of-registry-cleaning-utilities if your PC is not popping up errors or these leftover registry keys causing issues, leave them alone. now, for the fun stuff, since after all, it is a personal computer, and we all feel the need to fiddle... you could right click on CC and Run as Administrator and see if that helps. also try booting the PC into Safe Mode and trying from there. or manually go into regedit, locate those hive keys and delete them yourself. please, assume the worst and have a system image backup ready to use.
  11. Run Cleaner not working?

    some Kaspersky users reported that either fresh installing or updating to their latest manually (v19?) allowed them to run CC v5.43. but yeah, with the dogs breakfast that is v5.43, there's plenty of ticked off users and many have reverted until a stable version is released.
  12. first up, CC should only be removing left-over installation files, not any of the software itself. next, I'm not sure why "a few days later, the shortcuts disappear" - that should happen straight after CC finishes. and then, with the option unticked, nothing related to nVidia should be touched. there should be no desktop shortcuts that point to the installation(driver) folders. when you install the nVidia software, do you select the option to do a Perform Clean Install? back when I used to have a nVidia card, I would only choose that path as I believe that process removes all previous drivers (and data?) for nVidia. this is the entry in CC for nVidia; CC only looks in the c:\nvidia folder so if you really wanted to stop CC cleaning nvidia, then next time you install it, use a custom location during the install process, say, C:\MynVidia\.
  13. Run Cleaner not working?

    do you run Windows Home Server, Kaspersky or MalwareBytes Premium? what is your OS and actual version of CC? there is more than one issue with v5.43 and many users are simply reverting to previous versions until the next release. older versions can be found on FileHippo; https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/history/ personally, I've left mine on v5.40
  14. in conjunction with CC are you using winapp2.ini or any other enhancements? can you show a screenshot of the nVidia section in CC?
  15. does it work if you go back to version 5.40?