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  1. what's the difference between zero filling, 1 filling or A filling for that matter? I'm curious, surely the important fact is that it gets filled with something - anything - to overwrite whatever is already there. I've also not heard before of any sort of memory that retains data after a power loss. DDR4 had better bandwidth and lower power requirements, but my understanding was it still was fundamentally volatile memory like all it's predecessors. maybe that's two new things learnt today?
  2. If they are on an external usb drive, I assume they are also kept in a more reliable internal drive?! you could as you said, delete them, shrink the partition, and recreate them. or copy, shrink and paste them. or get a defrag program that allows individual files to be moved. how did they get there in the first place?
  3. October 1809 Update for Windows 10

    I made the ISO from the media creation tool the day after they released 1809 so that image didn't have the redirect fix yet. all my PCs with SSDs get the redirection done to take the user folders away from the SSD so they were either empty or I didn't care what was in then anyway. so as MS stated, perhaps the bug didn't effect all redirects/all installs, or I was just lucky or I was effected but didn't know as the folders were just place holders to me.
  4. Space is off

    In your screenshot, my maths makes the used + free equally exactly the capacity shown. (in bytes)
  5. October 1809 Update for Windows 10

    I've so far installed it on 9 desktops and 5 laptops, over half of those had SSDs so they had default folder redirection in use and I've had no issues with the process. have also done two domain connected PC's and all went smoothly.
  6. Upon cleaning

    G'day and welcome to the forums. CC doesn't use the recycle bin, it is after all trying to remove the junk off your device. any file removed by CC is gone, gone.
  7. Need help with SD card recovery

    dutch to english translation
  8. pasword required

    Same issue in paid version.
  9. HDD detected as SSD

    No, last word I heard from Admins (about 18months ago) was that the issue could not be repeated in the test labs (or something like that). there was a rumour they were thinking about maybe putting in some sort of manual, user-controlled switch, that would tell Speccy/DF/CC what your drive types really were but, well, we are still waiting on that too.
  10. sadly it does not. I have stayed on v2.21 and for my current 2.5" SSD it correctly identifies but for my M.2 SSD it detects as a HDD.
  11. create a Restore Point first to cover yourself. do the suggested registry change.
  12. Long, long, looonng, running bug with DF and CC. Admins are aware. no resolution in sight.
  13. have you tried the UpperLimit, LowerLimit registry hack?
  14. October 1809 Update for Windows 10

    done 7 PC's now, no issues. doing them all from a USB stick with the ISO from the Media Creation Tool. only one very minor thing, on 3 of the PC's it made the desktop background the solid black colour whereas I always set mine to the solid blue. so all-in-all, a painless experience so far. just have 2 laptops to go...
  15. what has been changed? they made the front-end honour the users selections but the back-end is still doing what it has always done. unwanted updates are still being forced on users through the emergency updater. usage stats are still be harvested. I'm not saying anything about good or bad, just that I see no change in why users would trust them, after so many blatant abuses of trust and buggy software.