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  1. this issue has been passed onto the Admins to investigate. I'll pass on any updates when known.
  2. g'day @Semaj anf welcome, you can of course uninstall that if you wish, but you run the risk of one of your other installed programs not working afterwards. those C++ libraries are installed when loading other programs, for example, AVG and Office will load their required versions, so your Russian one would have been loaded in a similar manner. go to Control Panel, Programs & Features, and sort the list by Installed On, now your C++ will be paired with other software installed at the same time and that may give you a glue as to why the C++ software was installed. and while you're there, you can remove it if you still want.
  3. I need help

    phew, all a storm in a tea-cup.
  4. recover

    not much to go on @shanga can you give your OS, Media Player version and full filename that won't play?
  5. go to your old profile location (did you delete it or just create a new one?) which should be like this; C:\Users\your name\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\old profile (changing the bolded text accordingly) firefox keeps auto backups of your bookmarks in the bookmarkbackups folder. use Bookmarks > Show all bookmarks > Import & Backup > Restore > Choose File while you are in the old profile folder you may want to copy other files like places.sqlite, key3.db, cert8.db, cookies.sqlite as to why it worked, the fact it did means the old profile was corrupted somehow, who can say why, it happens. was there anything unusual in your CC usage, like do you have any enhancements, or have you changed the default settings? did you run the reg cleaner?
  6. why Avast is still being installed after you deselected that option, only Piriform can look into that. and I'll pass this on to the Admin team to make sure they see it. they provide a Slim and Portable build, both without the embedded offering, so that's what you need to download. the Slim gets released about a week after any new release. the Portable NORMALLY gets release the same time as a new release - BUT FOR SOME REASON, this release, Piriform have decided to hold out on the Portable build until further notice.
  7. I need help

    in case you are new to Restore Points, don't expect their usage to restore any Word or PDF files. the hope is that when you go back to a previous Restore Point, access to those specific folders you mentioned will be returned.
  8. I need help

    sadly @Obi you have blindly deleted registry entries without concern for any consequence. hard lesson to learn, been there - done that. you can read the official word by Microsoft why they no longer recommend running such a process here; https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2563254/microsoft-support-policy-for-the-use-of-registry-cleaning-utilities since you have no reg backup, your next throw of the dice is to go back in time using a system Restore Point. in Win10, click the Start button and just start typing Restore Point, click the top result, Create a Restore Point, then click System Restore.
  9. there are conditions when the embedded offerings (what is it these days, Avast and Chrome, or just Avast now???) won't appear again. things like if you had already been offered in the past 60 (or was it 90) days, and there are probably others that I have forgotten. so, in this case, if you were reinstalling, there would have been no offering because you would have been offered on the initial install. (I think if CC detects a paid-for AV already installed, that's another condition not to see the offering) of course who knows what Piriform has done regarding conditions with the latest release.
  10. there are few things to catch up on... new FF from here; https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/ new CC from here; https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds change FF profile instructions are;
  11. g'day @aqua2 and welcome to the forum, as @Nergal says, the bundled offerings are only done in the Free version, which is why you aren't seeing it in the Pro version. are you running Avast and Comodo? you can either add CCleaner as an exception to your AV software or temporarily turn off the AV software while you download CC. you should also report it as a false positive to them so they can update their rules.
  12. OK, that needs further explaining... @gavsta, you have been a member for over 8 years, resurrected a thread last used 3 years ago to quote a 4 year old post and this is what you deem worthy to make your first contribution.
  13. have you tried making a new Firefox profile?