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  1. Speccy identified my CPU wrong

    maybe Speccy is simply passing on what is in the firmware. start an elevate command prompt and type in wmic cpu list brief and see what it thinks your CPU is.
  2. generally Devs and Admins hardly chime in unless requesting further info for bug fixes. but otherwise, I concur with all that has been said. reg cleaning is just not needed, add to that the ever moving goal posts that are Windows 10, and any reg cleaning via 3rd party software is a ticking time bomb.
  3. sadly, the explanation is, there is none. the wrong reporting of SSD's as HDD's and HDD's as SSD's is in both CCleaner and Defraggler, has been for many versions, and there is no resolution.
  4. why do you ban people for saying "bump"

    if you want to move on and remove the chip from your shoulder, maybe we can address your problem. All I'm seeing (again) is useless posts that add nothing to the conversation.
  5. Ccleaner taking a very very long time to run

    @rob, what version of CC do you have? as you have been a user for many years, you would have noticed all the changes over that time, for better or worse. personally, I've stayed on v5.40 until Microsoft flags it as incompatible with Win10.
  6. why do you ban people for saying "bump"

    I see, you have made another account to complain about your previous ban. (actually against forum rules) here's an idea, instead of simply saying "bump" why not be a little more helpful and explain your own situation instead of jumping on someone else's thread and your first post and intro to the forums being bump. so let's start again... go back to the Speccy thread and add your own thoughts to the discussion. it may help members help you and may provide some useful Google search results down the track for others with a similar problem.
  7. 2.22.995 thinks that hdd is ssd

    Yep, it can do that for some devices for some people on some versions. its a ridiculously long running bug with both ccleaner and defraggler with no resolution in sight.
  8. broken install

    @nate - nice little Ned Kelly avatar thing going on there... by design or by chance? as to Why? - sometimes with computers you just have to accept that things work out like that. you'll do your head in trying to figure it out, although it's nice to know why as that'll help the next time it turns pear-shaped.
  9. I never have Restore Points turned on, so never been an issue. @sethm - you aren't defragging your SSD are you?
  10. Disk analyzer "other Files"

    Catergories is the section group where you tick Everything. and good job on doing a backup - I would say "it's about time" but it's only too late if you needed one and didn't have one - so well done on dodging that particular bullet.
  11. Registry Cleaner

    I too used to use reg cleaners as part of my routine weekly/monthly maintenance regime. and like you, one day it eventually bit me on the bum. in short, reg cleaning is just not needed any more - hasn't been for a long time - especially with the ever moving goal posts that is Win10, reg clean makers just aren't keeping up. and yes you may say "of course they would say that" but here is the official word from MS; https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2563254/microsoft-support-policy-for-the-use-of-registry-cleaning-utilities in a nutshell, they is no speed or space improvement to be gained.
  12. Hosts File Update

    sounds like he may be on the wrong side of the grass. thanks for those links Andavari, I've only ever bothered with MVPS, may be time to use those others now.
  13. @kuktar, it may surprise you that Devs have never posted on this forum to my knowledge and Mods are simply forum housekeepers and in no way are Piriform lackies, in fact, you'll find we are their biggest critics. So yes, you'll find us jumping right onto any rule breaches - that's our job! and Yes, the Admin staff very often remain silent when a quick response would help smooth troubled waters, but for reasons that defy my logic, they do not use this forum as the user interaction medium it could be.
  14. CPU temp not shown

    check if there is a BIOS update for that motherboard.
  15. Cc: Real Estate

    Another classic Piriform feature and GUI redesign no one asked for and will be forced upon the user base.