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  1. Long running, well known bug in DF sorry to say. many threads on the subject. no word from up high as to fix. also happens in CCleaner. both software will get it wrong then get it right then switch back depending on updates to either the OS or the software.
  2. password for what account? if for Windows, sorry, but Forum Rules don't allow any help with such matters.
  3. mta

    Make New Folder Problem

    Outlook keeps all its items (Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted, Contacts, Notes etc) in a file called, by default, OUTLOOK.PST this is the file you want to look for. deleting your account only removes it from the Outlook software, the PST file will still be on your PC. you simply need to re-create the account and then import this PST file back in into Outlook. in fact, it doesn't even have to be imported, you can just open it via, File > Open & Export > Open Outlook Data File. tell us your Outlook version, OS and email account type (POP or IMAP) and more specific details can be given if the above doesn't help. but in short, search your pc for all files with a PST extension.
  4. 2TB’s - my guess is if you get it done within 2 days of continually leaving the pc on then you’d be in the ball park.
  5. care to share a couple of screenshots. one from Speccy and one from WMIC, it may help the Devs - but hey - we all see on this thread the importance they have with fixing Speccy!!!
  6. do not trust the system to remove all of the duplicates unless you are prepared to live with the consequences if it gets it wrong. it's worth spending the extra time and checking the results. blindly forging forward is potentially dangerous. have a backup on hand just in case.
  7. did they replace the drive or just reload a fresh Windows? hopefully they told you to do a backup in case they had to format the drive? but your chances of getting anything back is remote at best. they may have reformatted then reloaded Windows, or just re-imaged the entire drive from one of their images. then factor in that it's a SSD, whatever work they did to the drive to test it after they reloaded Windows and the drive access you have been doing too and, well..... it's a long shot. you have no backups yourself?
  8. based on what criteria? EDIT - This was a comment on a post which has now been deleted by nukecad.
  9. yeah, they're getting quiet a bit of flak about it as well on their forum.
  10. the drive in question is only 28GB, so if it's the system drive, the big swings between 4% free and 40% free could easily be because of restore points, pagefile, hibernation file, swapfile, temp files, and the like. you could either allocate C:\ more space or relocate system files to another drive.
  11. I've had MBAM real-time protection since it went v3, no issues on any of my many home PC's except for the bug sometime last year that effected Excel but that was easily 'turned off' until they fixed it. hadn't heard about the new v4, will give it a spin now.
  12. use the Media Creation Tool, found here; https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 (whoops, sorry nukecad, my browser never showed there was a page 2 until i posted - not the first time it's done that either!)
  13. mta

    scheduler info

    Speccy scheduler subsection shows all the programs that get started when you PC starts. running msconfig or CCleaner will show you that list and you can disable whatever you want. and yes, most of that list are very suspicious. I suggest it's time for some malware scans but due to Forum Rule 10 we are not allowed to actually give out malware removal advice. if you click that link you'll see Rule 10 has some helpful links you can use.
  14. back then, the info I got was that they were thinking of a manual switch where by the user could override CC and tell it what sort of drives the system had. obviously nothing ever came of that.
  15. mta


    I don't see bitcoin becoming any part of standard currency - ever. now blockchain on the other hand is very useful and is getting wider use in the backbone transacting between global players. I see bitcoin (and all it's many derivatives) being no more than the latest shiny fad but bringing into mainstay play the new (not so new any more, 10 years or so) technology of blockchaining.
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