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  1. cclleaner scan taking to long

    Pro versus Free versions - no difference in the cleaning process.
  2. error opening while installing

    if you are referring to CCleaner, try this; uninstall your current version first. then go into the Program Files folder for CC and delete its contents (keep the .ini file if you have customised settings) download the latest build from here; https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds reboot the PC then install CC from your downloaded file. if no luck, try the install with the PC in Safe Mode. and try the Slim or Portable builds to see if they work.
  3. Bank account informations

    and... are you also referring to a browser? and what is it you have to enter when you exit something?
  4. Update-Manager

    sorry Olli, but what is your question? are you suggesting Piriform add a feature to CC that does what Secunia used to do?
  5. cclleaner scan taking to long

    if you are using the new version, scrolling through other threads and you'll see it seems to be a common undesirable feature with the new release.
  6. have you upgraded to the latest version, apparently this issue is addressed again in the new version.
  7. g'day and welcome to the forums. not just old/outdated apps, but ALL programs are listed, and there is an Install Date (3rd column) on the Tools > Uninstall area.
  8. you may be thinking of "scan for smart cookies" which is shown when installing CC. there is no scan for SSD, if you have one CC just detects it - but that is 50/50 as CC has a very long known about bug where is detects SSD's as HDD (and even HDD's as SSD).
  9. I would have thought most of those extensions were already covered (but not sure). be careful with the BAK extension, Office 2003 and 2007 (not sure with the more recent 365 versions) would break if that extension was cleaned from their program folders.
  10. your winapp2.ini file may need to be 'trimmed'. it may contain many entires you simply don't have installed on your PC.
  11. all you can hope for is that the Admin team (who do read these threads) takes it onboard as a suggestion.
  12. What did CCleaner delete?

    CC never removes personal data, like DOC or JPG or MP3 etc files. it only looks in temp folders, recycle bin, browser cache, cookies... that sort of stuff. to avoid future scares, maybe turn off Monitoring.
  13. CCleaner and Malwarebytes

    g'day simon and welcome. you got that message when, installing or updating CC or doing a MBAM scan? where did you get CC from? CC can be trusted, but it has some free offerings when installing, Avast (and Chrome I think still) that can give false positives.
  14. g'day jupster and welcome, it's a current, known, long-standing bug in Speccy that has been reported in many posts via many threads for years now.
  15. cleaning data but not the OS?

    always more than one way to skin a cat... ask 3 people, get three different answers, all with the same outcome. welcome to the Forums by the way.