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  1. scheduler info

    Speccy scheduler subsection shows all the programs that get started when you PC starts. running msconfig or CCleaner will show you that list and you can disable whatever you want. and yes, most of that list are very suspicious. I suggest it's time for some malware scans but due to Forum Rule 10 we are not allowed to actually give out malware removal advice. if you click that link you'll see Rule 10 has some helpful links you can use.
  2. back then, the info I got was that they were thinking of a manual switch where by the user could override CC and tell it what sort of drives the system had. obviously nothing ever came of that.
  3. Bitcoin

    I don't see bitcoin becoming any part of standard currency - ever. now blockchain on the other hand is very useful and is getting wider use in the backbone transacting between global players. I see bitcoin (and all it's many derivatives) being no more than the latest shiny fad but bringing into mainstay play the new (not so new any more, 10 years or so) technology of blockchaining.
  4. in chrome, make sure in Settings, Advanced, that Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed is turned off.
  5. Windows 11? usual reason Chrome is skipped is because it is still running; either directly if you have it still open or indirectly as one of its background tasks may still be running. check Task Manager that no chrome.exe processes are running.
  6. last update was May 2018. Piriform averages about one update per year for Speccy. it has a couple of VERY long running bugs (SSD/HDD detection and wrong temperatures shown) that are yet to be addressed. Microsoft does two major build releases per year so at the very least, you'd be thinking they need to release a new version not too long after one of those. so, from all that, you'd have to assume that all their development resources are tied up with their flagship product CCleaner. in other words, don't hold your breathe. I've stopped using Speccy due to simply not being able to trust the supplied figures.
  7. to verify, start an elevated command prompt and type in; wmic memorychip get capacity,banklabel,speed and hit enter. report back the results. but I assume you are seeing the problem of running current gen hardware with a program that hasn't been updated in ages.
  8. @henrikus, sadly the time between disaster and recovery makes very little difference. AS SOON AS THE FILE IS DELETED the system is using that space straight away - yes the shorter the gap between those two milestones is, the better, but human speeds are no match for computer speeds. RECUVA is no substitute for backups but sometimes, just sometimes, it can save your bacon - in your case it has not.
  9. get and run a program called Wiztree from here; https://antibody-software.com/web/software/software/wiztree-finds-the-files-and-folders-using-the-most-disk-space-on-your-hard-drive/ that'll show you what's using up space on your drive. due to the technology used with SSD's and the memory and cell management built-in, then factor in the seek times, and there is simply no benefit in running defrags on SSD's. the Windows 10, system TRIM command is all that is needed and unless you have changed the default setting, that happens every week.
  10. October 1809 Update for Windows 10

    and because the 1809 build is superseded, this thread can be closed.
  11. AdwCleaner 7.4

    I thought ADWC was incorporated into MBAM when they acquired it. in other words, if you run MBAM first, then ADWC should find nothing new.
  12. Photo forwarding not working

    I haven't done that to TB for a while, but pretty sure it all remains in the current Mozilla profile directory. but to be sure, to be sure, you could always make a copy of that folder and re-import those emails if it doesn't.
  13. community rated programs.

    as long as the reviewer is knowledgeable and trustworthy and the rating gets multiple, independent reviews. would be very prone to misuse however. plus there are already programs in that space specifically designed to detect malware and viruses.
  14. Photo forwarding not working

    have you tried uninstalling, rebooting and reloading Thunderbird?