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  1. Brilliant piece of kit. Thankyou! Cheers Dave b
  2. TY Tarun and rridgely. I quess I was being optimistic that CC would solve IE7's failings. The manual method suggested on rridgely's link is a bit messy so I suppose I'll have to wait until IE catch up. I use IE as a backup for the odd occasion that FireFox fails to link to a web page. Cheers Dave b
  3. Hi All, Am new to this forum so bear with me while I find my feet. Probably covered already but can't find it. My CC when run as cleaner clears off the logo decals for the website link buttons on the IE 7 toolbar leaving default E page symbols in their place. This of course is refreshed and replaced once the link button has been reused to visit the web site. Have I missed a setting to prevent this happening or is this currently under review for improvement? cheers Dave b
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