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  1. Aha! You may be on to something. Yes, you were correct in presuming that I control my "tmp" settings through the System Properties. I have removed the location from the "Include" additional files area of CC so we will wait and see what happens. I do have a question, when I removed the location from the additional files area it removed the extra (?) include line from ccleaner.ini and it looked a little different from your example. You showed it as |RECURSE|0|0|24 and the end of my line was | |1|0|24. On a related matter, there is a checkbox for not deleting temp files for 24 hours. I'm not sure of what situation would call for a temp file to be there longer than that, but just for giggles is there a way to change the timing to 48 or something else? Thanks
  2. I'm attaching some jpg's since pictures speak so much better than words. CCleaner1 is a screen shot of the basic information, as in version of CC, OS and other details. Due to bad timing on my part I don't have a shot of the folder in question before and after running CC under these specifications. I had already moved on to removing the check mark from "only delete after 24 hours". My Bad! I got ahead of myself. CCleaner2 is from CC again after running the cleaner set to ignore the date and it did remove several files. Unfortunately it doesn't tell us any date on the files and it shouldn't have mattered in this case. Now it gets interesting. CCleaner3 is what the folder looks like after the cleaner ran and the files listed in the CCleaner2 aren't there; but WHY are these files here? If the wait for 24 hours box had been checked, then some of them being there would make sense because they are less than 24 hours old, as of the execution of ccleaner. Just in case it is difficult to read, the date of the files listed is the Date Modified. One thing I just noticed is in the options for the "include" I went with "include files only". In retrospect I think I should have gone with one of the other two options which included sub-folders but I'm not quite sure which. That is all the info I have for you at the moment. Hope it help.
  3. I wanted as many temp files as possible to be directed to a folder on a second drive. That part went very well. I also wanted CCleaner to delete the files in these "extra" temp areas. So I went to options, then include and that is the area to select additional files and folders you want CCleaner to remove. It was a snap to set up but I will spare you the details of the hours of troubleshooting I've been through. I didn't want these files to be deleted right away so I took the option to not delete anything less than 24 hours old, and the program deleted nothing. I lower the time to 12, 6, 3, and finally 1 hour. The data gleamed from this was chaos at best. In this temp folder there are a number of sub-folders and around 300 files. Most of these files are more than a day old, to say nothing of 12 or 6 or 1 hour. I think the most it could find was 12 files. Why it picked those files I do not know. There were some in there which were years old. There were all sorts of file types in this area, tmps, exes, jpgs, ect. When I finally gave up on using the time option and the program found 278. My conclusion is that there is a bug in your program!
  4. I am saving my options to the CC.ini file and I can't figure out what is wrong. I have a couple of folders on two drives that get different kinds of temporary files stuck in them. In the ini file there are two lines referencing the two different locations, as in Include1=PATH|D:\.... and Include2=PATH|C:\.... In another section of the ini file I noticed a line reading: (App)Custom Folders=True From within the program I changed that option back and forth and while it did rewrite the data to the file, I still can't get the cleaner to do anything to the files in question. I'm sort of inclined to think that somewhere I have an option set to 0 or false when it should be 1 or true. I'd appreciate any help you can give me.
  5. I used defraggler to schedule several quick defrags on different drive, days and times. Next I checked the task scheduler and all the conditions seemed to be in place. The action generated by defragger appear to have the right "stuff". It referenced df64.exe, the drive letter, and so forth. So I used the task scheduler option to run it. According to the history the task was over and successfully done in ONE second. No errors, everything stops and starts like it is suppose to, it reports everything was successful; which is true if you consider doing absolutely nothing a success. Yes, defragger was off and went I went into that the quick defrag worked just fine, thought it took a bit longer than one second.
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