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  1. A detailed report has been sent to the Fraps team as well. Alan, I'd prefer that you cease posting in this thread. If any devs or others have thoughts pertaining to the problem, I'll be happy to assist.
  2. They are "inconsistent" because they are different occurrences, you would know this if you read both lines. I even put the important words in bold. Or I could put it like this: Situation 1: Fraps is already running. Speccy is started. Speccy takes up a lucrative amount of system resources and locks up the system. Situation 2: Speccy is already running. Fraps is started. Nothing bad happens. Why so snide? All of the main system information is at the top of a DxDiag for quick access.
  3. If that is true, then shouldn't the memory issues be visible for Fraps, not Speccy? Also, Fraps shouldn't have a direct impact on a game's (or any program's) memory, the overhead is due to Fraps itself running and recording. I've downloaded and tested the 3.5.5 (most recent) update to Fraps, and the same problem exists. I still believe that the fault is with Speccy, not Fraps. Since Fraps and Speccy can coexist and work correctly when Speccy is run after Fraps, this would logically suggest that the problem is somewhere in the startup sequence for Speccy.
  4. Through some trial and error going through the programs that were running at that time, I was able to find out the culprit: Fraps. If you didn't know, Fraps is a program that is used to record video game or other footage (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fraps). If Fraps is running BEFORE Speccy is started, Speccy will freak out with memory and do bad things. If Fraps is started AFTER Speccy, they will run as usual without problems. I'm able to reproduce this 100% of the time. Version Details: Speccy - v1.16.317 (64-bit) Fraps - Version 3.2.3, Build 11796 Attached are Speccy debug logs, one from a time when it goes haywire, and another from a normal run with no problems. There don't seem to be any discrepancies. If there's anything else you would like me to provide to help you guys fix this problem, let me know. HAYWIRE_Speccy_log1_16_31719-6-2012_4-33.txt NORMAL_Speccy_log1_16_31719-6-2012_4-54.txt
  5. This is the first time that Speccy has ever done something out of the ordinary for me. Whenever I start it up currently, it locks down everything and I am unable to move the mouse for about 10 seconds. After this, it starts allowing me to do things. The first thing I did was open Task Manager, which explained the freeze: Speccy was using an excessive amount of RAM. I tried to kill the process/process tree in Task Manager, no dice. I opened up Process Explorer ( http://en.wikipedia....rocess_Explorer ) and tried to Kill Process / Kill Process Tree / Suspend, still nothing. Speccy kept eating up more and more RAM until capping out at about 4 gigs. At this point, it finally crashed / was killed by task manager / went away SOMEHOW, to my relief. Thinking it was just a fluke, I started it up again, same thing. Freeze, followed by slowness, ate all the RAM, then crash. I used the program fine just a few hours ago, and no drastic changes have been made since, not even a reboot. I have uploaded a screenshot I took just before it crashed, as well as a DxDiag with my system info. I love the program, keep up the good work/etc. Thanks, Scales EDIT: The forum shrunk down the image (1920x1080), making the text unreadable. Uploaded a cropped version. DxDiag.txt
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