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  1. Defraggler program is very slow when it comes to large files. Still seems randomly slow to over 100 MB/s on small files. I've seen Windows Defrag use nearly 100% of HDD from time to time of "Active time" according to (Task Manager) even for very large files. Defraggler is at 50% of large, very large video files of an average of 100 KB/s read and 300 KB/s write speed. Drives are in RAID 0 and 128 KB Data stripe size and at SATA 3 at 600 MB/s of 2 TB. Who knows it could be the latest Windows 10 updates. Windows 10 Pro v1803, Defraggler v2.22.995 (64-bit), Intel RAID.
  2. Having the same issue too. Speccy and Defraggler. USB 3 WD My Passport 0730 HDD is showing up as SDD. I still can't defrag that drive. I E-mailed them 1 YEAR ago and Piriform still didn't fix the issue. Showing they don't care.
  3. I started defragging a very fragment HD and after a while, it seems to be slowing down. From what it says would take an hour to a day. Restarting the program that it said would take a day went back to an hour and finish with in that hour. v2.21.993
  4. v2.20.989 - Painfully Slow

    If you use the Task Manager to see your hard drive activity at first the hard drive is at 100% to 5% active and at 7% completed for 1 day it never goes any further. Quick defrag works fine even on a 8TB drive. Windows 8.1 and 10 running Defraggler v9.20 on 2 non raid and 1 raid stripe drive.
  5. Solid State Drive

    I heard that it doesn't clean SSD's right. Male it work on those.