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  1. Defraggler program is very slow when it comes to large files. Still seems randomly slow to over 100 MB/s on small files. I've seen Windows Defrag use nearly 100% of HDD from time to time of "Active time" according to (Task Manager) even for very large files. Defraggler is at 50% of large, very large video files of an average of 100 KB/s read and 300 KB/s write speed. Drives are in RAID 0 and 128 KB Data stripe size and at SATA 3 at 600 MB/s of 2 TB. Who knows it could be the latest Windows 10 updates. Windows 10 Pro v1803, Defraggler v2.22.995 (64-bit), Intel RAID.
  2. Having the same issue too. Speccy and Defraggler. USB 3 WD My Passport 0730 HDD is showing up as SDD. I still can't defrag that drive. I E-mailed them 1 YEAR ago and Piriform still didn't fix the issue. Showing they don't care.
  3. I started defragging a very fragment HD and after a while, it seems to be slowing down. From what it says would take an hour to a day. Restarting the program that it said would take a day went back to an hour and finish with in that hour. v2.21.993
  4. If you use the Task Manager to see your hard drive activity at first the hard drive is at 100% to 5% active and at 7% completed for 1 day it never goes any further. Quick defrag works fine even on a 8TB drive. Windows 8.1 and 10 running Defraggler v9.20 on 2 non raid and 1 raid stripe drive.
  5. I heard that it doesn't clean SSD's right. Male it work on those.
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