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  1. It possible, but I have 15 letters without card reader (5 letters) and fiscal volumes (3 letters) and drives connect via USB . Adding more letters is foolish for me, so I wrote a post asking the solution in program of the problem.
  2. I have problems with writng in English, which probably seen of my grammar. As to the content. I used a Novell in work and it takes more than a dozen letters (from F:). The problem arose with a new computer. I got computer with a card reader and it took me a further four letters. When connecting several devices to a computer, the system does not display the contents because the lack of free letters. Therefore I mapped the partition to NTFS folder instead assign letters. This action made ​​the order. I do not have all the data in the same partition. The data which was often changed don't mixture with another. It reduces the need for fragmentation of data of seldom-used . And instead of letters I have only a few folders. Already I liked this solution and I use at home.
  3. Hi, I had in mind that the drive is mapped to NTFS folder. If the disk does not have a letter or not mapped into folder, defragmentator of system does not see the partition. When I asked to correct gadget "Driver Monitor", the author sent me program - wmiexplorer through which he learned how to read the information about that disk. The figure shows which partitions are mapped (in Windows XP don't work). In other programs (word, totalcmd) the disk used as folder. Total Commander change information about disk, when changed partition (drive).
  4. I don't have available letters, all letters used by Novell or cardreader. Why defragmenter of system can read my drive, but Defraggler don't read?? I think, it is problem to add options to read drive what mapped to NTFS folder. Gadget "Drives Monitor" at the beginning didn't see all drives, but has been revised and work fine.
  5. Hi If some drive in system is mapped to NTFS folder than Defraggler don't see it. I think the defraggler must have options to defragmentation all disks in computer. All drives in computer All drive avaleble in defraggler
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