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  1. Problems may arise from the use of winapp2.ini.
  2. Thanks. Another program whose recent files list I'd like cleared with CCleaner is EssentialPIM (Free). http://www.essentialpim.com/
  3. Yes! "Recent Left Files" and "Recent Right Files" were there.
  4. Thanks. Would the free version of ExamDiff Pro (ExamDiff) have similar entries (maybe without the "Pro")? So it's not forgotten:
  5. Hello. My suggestion for CCleaner (which is great) is that the program be able to clean the file histories for ExamDiff. After comparing files, ExamDiff leaves drop-down histories of the locations of the files. With CCleaner, I'd also like to be able to clear the "Choose a place to save your backup" drop-down list for Windows XP Backup Utility. Thanks.
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