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  1. File Backup

    Problems may arise from the use of winapp2.ini.
  2. Clean Histories

    Thanks. Another program whose recent files list I'd like cleared with CCleaner is EssentialPIM (Free). http://www.essentialpim.com/
  3. Clean Histories

    Yes! "Recent Left Files" and "Recent Right Files" were there.
  4. Clean Histories

    Thanks. Would the free version of ExamDiff Pro (ExamDiff) have similar entries (maybe without the "Pro")? So it's not forgotten:
  5. Clean Histories

    Hello. My suggestion for CCleaner (which is great) is that the program be able to clean the file histories for ExamDiff. After comparing files, ExamDiff leaves drop-down histories of the locations of the files. With CCleaner, I'd also like to be able to clear the "Choose a place to save your backup" drop-down list for Windows XP Backup Utility. Thanks.