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  1. Hi folks! I ran through all the questions and fixes from Nergal and hazelnut and still get the same results Here is what I did: I ran Services.msc and "windows management instrumentation" is started and on automatic. As far as I can tell, Threatfire is just an antivirus and not a firewall and does not have a setting similar to "Anti-Leak". I am running Speccy as an administrator. I have not changed any of my BIOS settings. I tried disabling Teatimer, rebooted and still got the error message. I also tried disabling ThreatFire and running Speccy and got the same error message (though I did not reboot as ThreatFire has a disable option within the program). Any other ideas? I apologize for being the problem child and I greatly appreciate all the help given.
  2. Thanks for the reply Nergal! I tried the reboot and got the same results. I am not running any sandboxing programs. I am running SpyBot S&D and ThreatFire. Would these interfere with Speccy? Thanks for your time!
  3. Hi eveyone! I just downloaded Speccy to see if it could help me ID the memory in my system and after running it identified my OS and optical drive but on all other fields it returned the following error: "Cannot initialise SPC dll" I am running a Dell Dimension 3000, XP SP3 Can someone help me? Thanks a bunch! Bob
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