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  1. My mistake. /debug3 of course.
  2. Hi. It's rather odd situation that application running on Windows stops working without any error message even from system. Log files that you attached unfortunatelly do not provide clear informations what causes error. Is it possible for you to capture short video from desktop that will include steps to crash defraggler ? What also could be helpful is more detailed log file (run defraggler with /debug parameter).
  3. Possible bug with larger drives?

    Hi, can you attach log file? Run Defraggler with /debug parameter, text log file will be generated automatically in application folder.
  4. V2.08 - Health Tab Gone

    Hi, can you attach log file, maybe it contains sufficient informations to find causes of problem. Run Defraggler with parameter /debug then select one of volumes on whom the problem appears. Log file will be created at the same path as Defraggler.exe is located.