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  1. Speccy 1.13.276 reports wrong information about my hard disks (ATA instead of SATA - RPM/buffer size wrong) while Defraggler seems to get it right? I'm on an older system Win7 64-bit, GA-M56S-S3 (Socket M2) with nForce 560 chipset. Four SATA drives are connected to the 4 SATA ports. Remark re Defraggler info under Health tab: - on older drives (SATA150 & SATA-300) buffer size is always reported (while showing up incorrectly in Speccy) - rotation speed shows 'unsupported' on all drives (while showing up incorrectly in Speccy) - on my new drive neither (SATA-600) rotation speed nor buffer size is supported. I haven't yet checked what the BIOS says during boot... Edit: sorry should have posted this under new threas.
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