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  1. I have noticed that other tools, including CCleaner, recognize the processor correctly as AMD Athlon II Neo K145.
  2. Hi, I have now tested the old versions available at filehippo. There are some differences in how different versions recognize the processor type: Speccy 1.01-1.11 reports the processor as AMD K10 45nm Technology Speccy 1.12-1.14 reports the processor as AMD Athlon Neo K155 Champlain 45nm Technology I still believe that some previous version (could it have been an earlier minor version?) reported the processor correctly as K145, but, frankly, I start doubting. Thanks, skylark
  3. Hi, the recent versions of Speccy, including v1.13.276 incorrectly reports AMD Athlon II Neo K145 as K155 on my Lenovo Edge 11. I am not sure if this is a typo, but for a couple of months ago Speccy recognized the processor correctly. Thanks, skylark
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