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  1. Augeas, I don't visit this forum often -- I notice you are a "moderator": Do the developers etc keep an eye on what we're talking about over here? When I started this thread I didn't realize there would be so many "up votes" for my view on this issue.. Thx/jim
  2. All we're asking for is a new option under advanced options so those of us who prefer it can directly receive the old advanced summary by default.
  3. If you’ve already selected “file list view” in advanced options, then you are already overriding the new summary page - so yes you have never seen it. The image from my original post is the desired page I want the app to be able to default to with an option.
  4. I tried to be a bit more diplomatic Developers have to constantly update stuff to justify their jobs - the new default display is pretty useless for a program that is otherwise relatively technical as opposed to being "one-click for novices". Unrelated to ccleaner: I hate the new Windows 8/10 Start menu, and have used one of the common replacement programs called Start10 since day 1 of the release of Windows 8 to get back the traditional Start Menu. There is simply no better or more optimized way for a start menu to work than what they got to as of Win 7 -- but of course they keep **improving** it!
  5. Thanks for the latest 5.41 update. The new "Summary" results page is nice, but the old Advaced Results page was just fine and is no doubt preferred by some of us longtime users. Some things didn't need improvement There is an advanced option for results to appear as a file list, please either add an option to get the old advanced summary every run, or at least preserve this user-selection for future runs if manually chosen. Thanks!
  6. Yes, 5.36 doesn't seem to know Chrome exists on my workstation. I'm using Chrome Dev at the moment, but I would think cc would know where to look for that.. Thanks/jim