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  1. I registered to the forums here to add a note to the "resetting the $Recycle.Bin" solution. First off, i was also experiencing the issue with CCleaner crashing during the "emptying the Recycle Bin" portion of the cleaning - around the 24/25% mark. I found this thread via Google, and followed the directions to resetting it on my C: drive. However, this did not solve my problem right away, as it would still crash the program during attempted cleanings. So as an extension to the solution, i used the same instructions to reset the $Recycle.Bin folders for each of my other installed drives, in addition to my C: drive. this meant i "reset" my E: F: & G: ones, as well. this is probably common knowledge to some, but it was not to me until this thread sparked the idea and got me going in the right direction. this fixed my problem, and am happy to be using this program again... i had deleted many GBs of data in the past few days since, so i was in desperate need of cleaning. Ihave not experienced the A: drive problem other users are having, since i do not have one installed. Thanks Piriform, for the great product!
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