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  1. After checking defragmentation from the context menu in Windows Explorer, Defraggler should pass the list of the fragmented files to the File List in Defraggler. At this time, opening Defraggler from the completed context menu defragmentation check dialog box loads an empty version of the program. From the File List tab, it would be nice to be able to also: Highlight Checked files Unhighlight Checked files Group Checked files at the top of the File List
  2. PC= Lenovo T61 laptop, all updated OS=WinXP Pro SP3, fully patched RAM= 3GB I have been using Speccy v1.12.265 without a problem until this upgrade. When loading normally, it starts with the audio module and then crashes with no further useful information. However, when I run Speccy v1.13.276 with the /debug switch and everything checked, the program runs successfully without a problem. Why would the /debug switch be necessary to run the program successfully on my machine?
  3. Thanks, DennisD. It does help. I guess i'll have to hope that some future upgrade will solve this problem.
  4. I am new to Defraggler; I just installed v2.07.346 and things seem to be fine so far on my internal HD, a 250 GB SATA Seagate. However, on my external HD, a 3.0 TB SATA Seagate GoFlex, Defraggler can't analyze it. After looking at the Health tabs of each drive, it looks like the Buffer Size on the GoFlex is listed by Defraggler as "Unsupported" (see two attached screenshots). Is that the reason that I'm getting an "Analysis Failed" message? If so, will future versions of Defraggler resolve this problem?
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