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  1. I can understand the OCD part as I suffer from it too - but please do heed the excellent suggestions here, even if it means using up some of that disk space. In the case of the registry backup, the files are quite small, and they can be deleted once you confirm that everything is running correctly after a registry cleaning. Also, don't skip those system and data backups - Murphy's Law guarantees that the one you need will be the one you failed to make!
  2. Thank you for your response. If CCleaner is running with the /AUTO switch, it would have to be because the installation program set it up that way - I know I did not. I am still very new to the Windows 7 experience, haven't quite got the differences from older versions (XP in particular) sorted out. I took a look at the Start menu item for CCleaner, which is displayed one of two ways on this menu - first it is in the "pinned" list and then it can also be accessed in the "All programs" list. I have attached a couple of screenshots for reference. Regardless which menu selection I make for the program, I first have to grant permission in the UAC popup. I have just now discovered that I CAN successfully* open the program from the pinned menu by selecting any of the modules OTHER than the cleaner. (*"successfully" meaning without setting it off and running automatically) Checking properties on the All Programs entry (which can't be done on the pinned version) shows this for the command to run the program: E:\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe, there were no parameters listed. Until I can get this resolved, I will have to remember to select one of the other options on the pinup menu.
  3. Hi, I've been a long-time (happy) user of this program, having used it with great success in maintaining a couple of ancient XP systems through to their end of life (well past life expectancy). I finally was able to get a new computer about 3 weeks ago, it came with Win7-64bit pre-installed, and I set about getting favorite programs installed and updated, one of which was CCleaner. The version I picked up and installed was v 3.09.1493 (64 bit), but I didn't open and run it right away as I had several things going on at once - and besides, I was working with a brand new system with HUGE resources that didn't require my formerly stringent housekeeping tasks to keep it running. Ran into some issues recently and decided to run CCleaner so I could check the registry, but when I clicked on the program in my start menu (I had declined to put it on the desktop during the install), instead of the program screen opening as usual, it opened and IMMEDIATELY began running the Cleaner! I had not had a chance to review the default settings, or (obviously) run the Analyze function (which I ALWAYS have done), so of course it wiped out EVERYTHING in Firefox browser (which I use exclusively for internet) - including my session tabs, which contained critical info I had spent DAYS locating, all history (killing any chance of my recovering any of those sites) and all cookies. To say that I'm upset about this would be to put it mildy! I have since had to reboot my system, and quite frankly I'm afraid to open the program again. I did uncheck those items in the Firefox list but I've lost confidence in the program at this point, and I'm wondering if there might have been a bug in that version? Why did it launch itself into the cleaning process automatically, and how can I keep it from doing that again? Help me regain my confidence with CCleaner as it has been one of my "can't live without" programs for many years...
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