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  1. Well, I've used CCleaner since its debut and had, uummm, "1" problem? I fear this may be farewell. But I'll keep an eye on this issue should some breakthrough fix be discovered rather than this workaround. But I'm more than satisfied! Thanks again to one and all!
  2. I agree completely. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to help me! You're a 1st class group of guys!
  3. login123, are you reading my replies, carefully? So as not to seem rude, I'll post all of what I've posted together. ----- Exclude registry key HKCU - \Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\Regedit Check the "Other Explorer MRUs" box Uncheck the "RegEdit" box ----- Together, this will leave the branches expanded, whether regedit is open or closed. As to your question: what benefit comes from leaving them always expanded? Like ANY option - Personal Preference...
  4. You must un-check that box to not collapse regedit! btw, you can check the Other MRU box...
  5. Did you mean to say only had UNchecked: > CCleaner > Applications > Windows > Regedit. If not, it should be UNchecked in order to work.
  6. I found it: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\Regedit And it does the job. Still curious though as to the true cause...
  7. That seems to be a reasonable workaround but leaves my curiosity a bit unsatisfied as to the cause of this misbehavior. (?) Do you know in which registry location this is stored?
  8. Thanks to all (past n future) for your attention to my issue... login123, you give me hope that I'm not alone in having this problem. (though I can't imagine we're the only 2, and this issue hasn't been reported 'til now) DennisD, I did as you suggested and, yay, it worked! Though, boo, of course these MRUs should be independent. As for your affection of a collapsed registry, I hope you can come to accept us who prefer to keep a 'bookmark' in our registries. And, as for your mysterious registry auto-collapse, try Not running CCleaner, running regedit, selecting a key, rebooting, then checking if your registry collapsed. I suspect something else is at work here. I suspect still that this issue occurs on a small population of users. As I said before, I reverted back to version 3.04.1389 and had the same problem. I can't imagine this problem has existed so long, unreported... (apparently, I suspect a lot. Must be my medication, I suspect.) Sooo, what's my next step? login123, I, and likely 10's of us can't sleep until this problem is slain!
  9. I have used CCleaner forever. I recently wiped my drive, reinstalled XP Home, reapplied all XP updates, and installed the latest CCleaner version, 3.09.1493. I've done this several times without issue. I reset all the options in CCleaner like before, including unchecking the Windows > RegEdit Option box. After running CCleaner, I ran RegEdit. To my surprize, rather than opening to the point where I was in the registry, all branches were collapsed! I opened and selected a new key; reran CCleaner; with the same result. Thinking there was a bug in version 3.09.1493, I went all the way back to version 3.04.1389, but had the same result... Anyone have a clue what the problem/fix is?
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