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  1. ccleaner

    Thanks Alan for all your help.I only have 32bit vista premium.Now I have 3.09 on portable, I will leave 3.08 on just in case I should need to redo backups taken on it.
  2. ccleaner

    Morning Alan, thanks for reply. What I have done is moved ALL 6 desktop icons to documents, and put them in a new folder cc3.09.deleted desktop icons, and ran 3.09 from new folder.ok. ran cleaner first, no problems, fixed All.Then ran registry cleaner, 7 items, fixed them all.Saved 7 items to new folder in documents.ok.I always fix ALL. Probably shouldn,t, but I rely on cc knowing it,s job.I certainly don,t know the items found.NOW. HOW do I get ?.08 off my pc. And what about old back ups, delete or save?? Is it OK to run from document file instead of flash??
  3. ccleaner

    UPDATE; I have downloaded portable version, which included 64bit version, and opened file, and saved to desktop.There are 6 pieces of data/files.can run from desktop.No idea how to get to Flash or separate file.I,m afraid this probably is getting a bit too complicated for it,s own good.Unless I can use it simply, as before, then I don,t think it,s worth all the hassle of having it;All this just because piri told me a new version was available, and do I want it.Couldn,t believe such a small thing could be so complicated, a simple update.
  4. ccleaner

    Thanks Alan, much appreciated.I will try the portable version and try on a flash stick.Not sure how to unzip a file though.BUt, I still cannot remove the existing 3.08 version on my system, and what about all my regisrty backup files I have saved.? If you would oblige me and talk me through , I would be most grateful.
  5. ccleaner

    Hi, I have tried 3.09 again, Nogo, had to abort, resulting in another wind back to restore point with 3.08 on.Tried removing 3.08, nogo, same problem as 3.09, certain files missing, .So stuck with 3.08.+ now having AV trouble, windows Security centre not picking Avast/malwarebytes up. First time ever.Without restoring back to when I first put cc on , I,m stuck with 3.08. it,s even refusing to do restore points, had to abort several attempts.Either I have something on my pc ,or, cc has been corrupted all along.I,m going to do a Hijack this, see if anything can be found.Even revo half way through uninstalling 3.08 said "running the application uninstaller failed.Possible invalid uninstal command" Rather in a quandry at present what to do, apart from complete complete OS re-instal, which will be last resort.Will keep trying, any more advice would be grateful.Cheers.Until I can remove 30.8, I,ll defer on portable, but thanks for reply, much appreciated
  6. ccleaner

    Hi,Login, Thanks for reply.Someone else advocated portable, something I,m not familiar with, presume it,s like a sandbox affair.Guess I wll wait aweek or two and retry downloading 3.09 again.I will post results back when I do so.Cheers and thanks for your help.I,ll consider portable if next attempt fails.
  7. ccleaner

    Hi, User account, mine as I am administrator, although I know that some it may have to be run as admin, had no reason to doso, the damage was done on the update.It obviously had installed because I was able to use it, but some files ,including uninstal mast have been missing.How it didn,t show in programs installed in control panel, and also not shown as on the pc with revo , has me puzzled; That,s pc,s though, wouldn,t do if it all went smooth would it.Thanks for reply
  8. ccleaner

    Hi, Thanks for reply.The only way I resloved the problem was to use a restore point before the download.The uninstaller download was also corrupted.Back to previous version.3.08.I am using vista premium, avast av, malwarebytes/spybots/d.I just allowed the cc to update itself to 3.09 , but what a performance to cure it, or, get rid of it.Others I have blogged have had no problems, so I thought it clashed with something on my pc, but, had no trouble doing the same thing before.I was tempted to try again today, but am dubiuos until I know it,s cured.Thought it may be best to uninstal 3.08 completely before trying 3.09, who,s to say 3.08 isn,t corrupted, and clahed with 3.09? As others have had the same problem , it signifies to me software problem clashing with certain other programs? I didn,t run as admin as it was just an update.Also didn,t when I tried again downloading direct from.piri and filehippo, same problem occurred.Can try again if you advise best way to do it;? I like everything up to date.
  9. CCleaner v.3.09.1493 will NOT install!

    Hi, I,m a newbie and have had exactly the same problem all morning.finally it did instal, but it is not in my add/remove programs.6 times, each 15 minutes sitting there waiting for it to finish, never did.I stopped it each time with on/off button.even revo, uninstal, cannot locate the new version, even though it,s on.I don,t know whether to remove and start again ,or leave it?
  10. ccleaner

    Hi, I am a newbie to this site, so be gentle.I had trouble updating my 3.08 to 3.09. It was just not finishing, so aborted several times.However, It had successfully downloaded and works fine, but for some reason has not registered in add/remove programs in control panel.revo-uninstaller also could not detect it. Any advice why would be appreciated.Also, and this is my main question. I now have several backup files from when I cleaned the registry.Is it safe to delete all but the latest, and whats the best and safest way to do it?