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  1. Program updater / Auto update

    Nice ideea but it costs a lot: Indigo Rose TrueUpdate = $495 Web Update Wizard = $129.95 AutoUpdate+ = $119 etc....A free and open source solution can be found here but is still some kind of beta.
  2. A Plugin builder like the one used in two shareware programs: hxxp://www.privacyeraser.com/ http://img386.imageshack.us/img386/7639/pepbxd8.gif hxxp://www.pointstone.com/products/TotalPrivacy/ http://img386.imageshack.us/img386/5610/pltpqv8.gif I know that we can already add a new program using Winapp2.ini but a plugin builder will make it easier, don't you think ? And thanks for THE GREAT FREE CCLEANER!
  3. Messed Up Fonts

    Worked, thanks!
  4. Messed Up Fonts

    Nope is not. Here's another example, is your ''start'' font looking like this (of course if you have XP) ?: Seems is shaking to me.
  5. Messed Up Fonts

    I have a little problem with the Windows XP fonts after running CCleaner , i don't think you notice the diference ? Before running CCleaner After running CCleaner After running CCleaner all the fonts appear to be more crisp and irregular. Any solution ? I have CCleaner last version , Win XP Home.