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  1. Ram Tool

    Your pagefile and RAM was most likely freed of memory by an application closing or being minimized.
  2. Ram Tool

    Those things never work. The idea you can "clean" or "defragment" your RAM is a common Windows myth.
  3. Myspace

    All you ever need to know about MySpace and why to avoid it.
  4. Google Web creator

    Links usually help.
  5. progress bar

    Your theme.
  6. DCOM

    Under services.msc is where you get the information.
  7. DCOM

    This is what happens when people play with their services. Leave them alone, as the defaults. Action > Export List... > Unicode (Comma Delimited)
  8. My Music icon is gone

  9. buying an AC adapter

    We had two at the shop that were generic and they were causing problems with the laptop batteries getting charged.
  10. My Music icon is gone

    Start > Run regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\MyDocs.dll
  11. Issue scanning fix

    I've easily recreated the issue on my Virtual PC.
  12. 3rd Party Defraggers

    I use PerfectDisk. Found it works better than Diskeeper.
  13. lime wire pro

    Googled, went to site. Still there. :\
  14. lime wire pro

  15. Binary code

    I'll PM it to you. You may want to tag this to the end: 00111111
  16. I find this useful

    Get a legit copy, if you don't have one you get next to no support anywhere.
  17. thomson modem

    If it connects via USB you need drivers. If it connects via Ethernet cable it needs no drivers.
  18. Add restore point remover

    I agree with you there. Though there are many things that are long overdue in CCleaner that we will never see, from minor bug fixes to major support issues.
  19. Add restore point remover

    If it was added, I can see unexperienced users checking it and then coming here complaining about losing their restore points. Let's reflect on the "Hotfix Removal" cleaner idea.
  20. Add restore point remover

    CCleaner is about cleaning out crap. Last time I checked, old system restore points aren't crap. Especially when you may need to roll back to a far date.
  21. Add restore point remover

    Restore point cleaning should not be added for any reason what-so-ever.
  22. Advanced WindowsCare V2

    It's a very bad application. It disables important services (including error reporting) and has no way of offering to restore them. A lot of the "tweaks" focus on Windows Myths that do absolutely nothing. :\
  23. What is this?

    I'm saying "In the end, wildlife officials got a DNA analysis that showed the animal was a rare wolf-dog hybrid, he said." But that's according to the article.
  24. ranting on IE

    K-Lite Mega Codec Pack - is a collection of codecs and related tools. The K-Lite Codec Pack is designed as a user-friendly solution for playing all your movie files. With the K-Lite Codec Pack you should be able to play all the popular movie formats and even some rare formats. This package is mainly for power users and people who do their own encodings.
  25. Internet Ten Commandments

    Lol ty. Ask CaPMan, he's in charge of the beverages.