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  1. v5.10.5373 - crashes on opening

    Hi hazelnut Yes - you are correct - I have 3 dump files in my foler. It does not crash every time. Not to worry - sure it will be fixed at some point. Cheers BF
  2. Hi all Never seen a CCleaner crash before, but v5.10.5373 64bit crashes when opened for 1st time after booting about 3 times in 5. Nothing in event log. Subsequent opening of CCleaner is ok.
  3. Speccy locks-up Windows 7 Ultimate

    Hi all I started this thread a while back. Anyone know if it is safe to install and trust Speccy on a Windows 7 Ultimate box? I would try it myself - but I simply can't afford a lock up and power down via the "Off" switch. Thanks BF
  4. CCleaner removes Indexing Preferences

    Ah - found it! If you have "Internet Explorer | History" selected in CCleaner, it will make the Indexer forget that you don't want to index IE history.
  5. Hi all In the "Indexing Options" widget from the control panel, I untick "Internet Explorer History" because I use Firefox. However, I noticed that if I run CCleaner the "Internet Explorer History" entry is re-ticked!! Anyone know which option in CCleaner I can uncheck to override this behaviour? (I have "Applications | Windows | MS Search" unticked) BF
  6. Speccy locks-up Windows 7 Ultimate

    Gotcha - thanks mate.
  7. Speccy locks-up Windows 7 Ultimate

    I don't have Steam installed. I would love to use Speccy again on my Windows 7 Ultimate box - any news on the problem??? BF
  8. Speccy locks-up Windows 7 Ultimate

    Nope - never saw a single prompt!
  9. Speccy locks-up Windows 7 Ultimate

    Hi mate To be honest, I did not run Speccy as Admin. Will it only run on Windows 7 in "Admin" mode? - if so I think that should be made clear somewhere. Yes - WMI is running. I am going to give Speccy a miss until I absolutely need it - I can't afford to keep powering off my PC without doing a "graceful" shut down - that's one of the ways to mess up Windows.
  10. Speccy locks-up Windows 7 Ultimate

    Hi mate No - I have been using Speccy for ages with no trouble. I recently upgrade from XP SP3 to Windows 7 Ultimate on my Dell 8300. Speccy is the only program to fail - but I know it's still a top program. I can't run Speccy in any mode and have removed it. Anything else I can post to be of help?? BF
  11. Hi all Just installed Speccy on my Windows 7 Ultimate box. When I start Speccy, it tells me the OS and then "Analysing" for everything else. After about 2 seconds the spinny thing bottom left stops spinning and the PC is completely locked up. Only recourse is the power off button. BF
  12. Speccy shows empty PCI slots

    Hi all Speccy v1.14.288 running on a Dell 8300 Dimension under XP SP3. Two of my four PCI slots are in use: Slot 1 - Empty Slot 2 - Empty Slot 3 - an old Conextant 56K MODEM (which is disabled) Slot 4 - a Dell badged Creative Audigy 2 However, Speccy shows all 4 slots as "Available". Also - Speccy show my AGP slot type as "UNKNOWN" - but picks up "AGP1" as the designation. I only just noticed this so do know when it started. I suspect it's down to the Dell motherboard not playing nicely with Speccy ! Thanks for the great software. BF
  13. Hi all I have set my cleaning choices using the checkboxes and CCleaner cleans my chosen areas - great. Sometimes I just want to clean the temp folder, or browser cache but can't be bothered unchecking, cleaning and then re-checking all those checkboxes. Would it be possible to save multiple checkbox choices as "profiles"? For example, I could have a "Default" profile and a "Temp Folder" profile. The checkbox choices would be different in each profile and I can select any profile from my list. Once I select a profile - CCleaner sets up the checkboxes as per the saved profile. If this has been suggested before - apologies. If not - cool. Blarty
  14. Kaspersky Internet Security 2012

    Yes, they do. CCleaner does a great job, except on the Kaspersky .tmp files.
  15. Kaspersky Internet Security 2012

    Hi hazelnut Great suggestion - I disabled self defence - but same result - I simply cannot get rid of the Kaspersky .tmp files using CCleaner! Peace