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  1. Total Uninstall or Revo Uninstaller

    Hmmmm, always wondered what that hunter mode was for.... Actually, I use KillProcess for that kind of thing....
  2. Sandboxie

    I tried this program 2 years ago, and although I find the concept outstanding, I just got sick of having to check programs and then installing again pretty much, when whatever I download I'm pretty sure is safe.... If there was a way to make this program more user friendly I would be on board....
  3. Eraser software problem?

    Interesting, thanx for the heads up on this, I use this software all the time, nice to know to stick with my current version....
  4. JAVA Updates: Keep or Uninstall

    Thanx for this info, I always have wondered if I should uninstall the previous versions....
  5. Webroot Desktop Firewall FREE

    Pretty sure this is a limited time offer, its normally 19.95, I have no idea if this firewall is good or not, as I havent tried it, quite happy with my own firewall, just passing this info on.... http://www.webroot.com/En_US/consumer-prod...opfirewall.html
  6. Ad Aware 2008 beta

    Thanx for that, have no idea how to install them manually though....
  7. Freeware!

    The link you provided was a trial version, and indeed had to be installed.....
  8. Ad Aware 2008 beta

    Are there still links out there for the old version? The new one sucks pond water....
  9. 'Online Armor' Firewall

    Oh yeah, notice what firewall came dead last with a zero rating? Windows Firewall XP SP2, I knew it was crap but didnt realize it does nothing!
  10. 'Online Armor' Firewall

    I suggest everyone check out Online Armor, its a great firewall, and, according to this website anyway, is rated one of the best, been using it for a few weeks now and I'm really impressed, check it out.... These firewall tests have some interesting results.... http://www.matousec.com/projects/windows-p...sts-results.php Online Armor homepage- http://www.online-armor.com/online_armor_free.html Oh yeah, and its freeware!
  11. antivir premium free 6months

    LOL.... Actually, I think I may have heard about it here....
  12. antivir premium free 6months

    Yeah. mine just ran out last month, got excited about a new 6 month thing for about 10 seconds until reading its no longer out there, hope they do another one.... I've always been really happy with the job AntiVir does....
  13. IE7 not deleting temp files on exit

    I refuse to use IE7 until all the bugs are worked out, I'm perfectly happy still using IE6....
  14. Help installing AntiVir Personal Edition

    I would suggest going to the AntiVir forum and asking about it there.... http://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=A0geu9...mp;meta=vc%3Dca
  15. Looking For a Freeware Program That....

    Tried Paint.net, but couldnt get the layers to combine right, going to try Photofiltre, thanx....