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  1. About Boot Time Defrag

    Anyway, developers (Piriform), what do you think about this feature? It makes sense to wait until it added in future versions?
  2. About Boot Time Defrag

    With Auslogics Registry Defrag has never been described problems! After registry defrag Windows did work faster!!!
  3. Broken button!

    No, I just reported about the bug
  4. Broken button!

    Why do need this button, if it does not work?
  5. Where is offline defragmentation option?

    Delete a file portable.dat from a directory program and it will work even in the portable version
  6. About Boot Time Defrag

    After running Boot Time Defrag in Defraggler 2.00.230 in the program Auslogics Registry Defrag is still offering to do a defragmentation of registry How about a defrag the registry files during OS boot? That would be really amazing! In this case, one could forget about the use of special (usually paid) programs to defragment the registry, like Auslogics Registry Defrag. Developers, what do you think about this feature? P.S. Sorry for my bad English. I'm from Ukraine