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  1. Hi, I think I screwed up royally! I am a new user to CCleaner and am probably even in the wrong forum (sorry if I am). Here's what happened: I scanned for "issues" and there were a ton of them. I merrily "fixed" all the "issues" and then noticed that ALL of the critical and non-critical updates that I had previously done from M$ Knowledge Base (KB) were GONE! They were not even listed in my CONTROL PANEL/ADD DELETE programs anymore. Does this mean that I actually deleted ALL of the M$ UPDATES? Or, are they still running around somewhere in my 'puter, but I just don't "see" them any longer? Went to M$ Windows Update site and ran it to see if there were any new updates, but there were none; however, under "see your updates" they were all still listed. I will be one unhappy camper if all of the critical updates from M$ were totally deleted. I did back-up, when asked, the registry, but I don't know how to get them BACK from the registry, either. By the way, today is the first day I used the "beta" version; I have been using the previous version prior to today and probably made the same mistrake there, too! Please, please help me, Obi Won Kanobi! Blessings. Shiloh
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