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  1. Updating

    I am using CC Pro I am getting the notice to update. I click and download the Download. Next time I turn the computer on and run CC I am getting the same update. It appears the latest update is not downloading correctly. Keith
  2. Updating

    Thank you Its working perfectly now. Keith
  3. I am using C Cleaner professional and all of a sudden it vanished where is it so I can re install CC again. Keith
  4. C Cleaner my short cut missing

    mta Thank you the Short Cut is up and running perfectly now. Keith
  5. CC 5.42 - ignoring Chrome cookes

    jaddorf It looks like its a common concern with Chrome & CC I notice you are using the "Free" version fair enough but I am using the Professional version and I should not be having a known concern. I also notice you have ticked all in the Chrome that includes the "Cookies". Question does it remove the "Saved Cookies" as well? I assume you are referring to CC. To the best of my knowledge I am up to date with CC Next question is to the CC what are they doing to fix this concern? Keith
  6. I am running MS 10 Is there some where I can tick so all the cookies not in saved list will be removed at either every cleaning or at closing computer. Thanking you Keith
  7. Cookies on Computer to Exclude

    nukecad Yes it's ticked. Sorry if I am not explaining it better for you. I am far from a Computer Whiz plus age not helping I am only 80 years young. See if this helps There are a lot of Cookies after I open Google Chrome. Next step I tried this. Turned computer off. When I started the computer next time I only opened CC and all the Unwanted Cookies still there. When I turn the Computer on the little CC brush in the Taskbar is working. Is there something I am missing telling you or is there something I have not ticked. Keith
  8. Cookies on Computer to Exclude

    To all I started the computer 12plus hrs later and all the cookies were still there. I then highlighted all of the unwanted Cookies and deleted them. Turned the Computer off waited a few minutes and turned it on again. All the unwanted Cookies removed. I am using Google Chrome. I opened my Homepage it's a News etc. Opened CC and saw many Unwanted Cookies. Turned computer OFF again. Restarted computer a few minutes later and all unwanted cookies still there. The way it's going it looks like there is a problem on CC re Removing Unwanted Cookies. Keith
  9. Cookies on Computer to Exclude

    nukecad I tried "Above" turned the computer off for about 45 minutes. I restarted the computer, the CC brush in the task bar started working soon after, it sweeped for about 20 seconds then stopped. I opened my programs then checked CC and all the unwanted Cookies are still there. I will highlight and delete them and see what happens when I open the computer tomorrow after using the computer for a short time now. What is the next step I can try. Keith
  10. Cookies on Computer to Exclude

    Andavari I have to delete all of the unwanted manually before I shut CC down nukecad I will try this method and reply later today. Thanking you both Keith
  11. Skipping

    I am running W10 Lately its Skipping several files when Cleaning. Internet Explorer History Cookies *************** M/s Edge Cookies ****************** I checked the Chrome Settings and the "Uncheck" for Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed. It was Unchecked. Internet Explorer Cookies M/s Catche Cookies History Please Help I am not a computer expert just an average user. Keith
  12. Skipping

    Mta Thank you for a very prompt reply. I have completed this Options > Advanced, click Restore default settings Being an Admin and a Mod on different Forums I know how much a prompt reply is appreciated. Keith
  13. Skipping

    I went straight to the Task View in my Task Bar and removed several older files. Ran CC and no problems at all. Next question where can I go to see what should be ticked in the CC Professional ? Thanking you Keith
  14. Where did my fonts go?

    Update on the Windows 10 Creators Update Linked Font Bug I am running W7. Off track for a second I will be connecting to our National Broad ban in a few days and after that my computer technician will be checking every thing and he should be able to fix the problem. Keith
  15. Where did my fonts go?

    I am having the same concern in Outlook Fonts and Size not working using W7 Keith
  16. I am using the C Cleaner Pro 5.35.6210 Version Google Internet Cache was Skipped " ' History " " " Cookies " " " Download History Skipped Was Skipped " " Last Download Location " " " Session Cleaning " All these are ticked in Windows My obvious question as this has just started how can I fix the problem? I am not technical minded Keith
  17. Skipped cleaning all these Google Crome

    mta I finally worked that out and it worked immediately. Keith
  18. Skipped cleaning all these Google Crome

    mta Posted 22 January 2014 - 02:34 PM Sorry to say that post is over 4 years old . I could not find any thing like that in my CCleaner Keith
  19. I have been CC for many years now and decided to upgrade to the CC Professional. I am certainly not Tech minded. I am running W7 and not likely to change. I tried reading the instructions but the more I read the more confused I became I would like to know what should I Tick or not Tick in Cleaner? Is there any other ???? that should be ticked? Thanking you Keith
  20. Just installed CC Professional

    Hazelnut Thank you again I have copied most of that information next job do a print out and read it regularly. Keith
  21. Just installed CC Professional

    Now does this mean its not required to tick any of the others? If I was to tick any of the unticked what would you recommend? Thanking you Keith
  22. Just installed CC Professional

    Thank you mta and hazelnut, you have both been very helpful. Keith
  23. Just installed CC Professional

    mta I clicked Analyse and every one had been previously ticked. Now does that mean I do not have to tick any of the unticked boxes. Keith
  24. Just installed CC Professional

    Hello mta you can tick the new option then Analyse to see what it does. I ticked the Option, then I see About & Advanced. Where is Analyse? Its all the "Ticks" in "Cleaner" I very recently bought a new Computer Tower and I do not know if all the "Ticks" have been done., Keith
  25. Not Defragging 100%

    I hope I can word this correctly I am running W7 32bit It is a home computer I Defrag once a week. I have defrag it sometimes up to 6 times to bring it back to a 0% I am update? Should I uninstall and reinstall the program My Security is Kaspersky and that is up to date. When I download a program I always put Kaspersky into "Pause" Your help would be greatly appreciated Keith