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  1. Thank you mr Don, but I already bought one and he works, but in the future I will serious think about it! Marc
  2. Hey guys, nice work! I have a good choice now. All your choices are good, but I think I'll buy that one Nergal mentioned. Marc
  3. Thanks both for responding! I shall do that. I have one, but he is broken I think... Marc
  4. Thanks for this quick response, I'd looked for it and many people did speak about Recuva to find deleted pictures placed on memory cards. But when it is so MTP is involved, what can I do to solve this problem? Is there by instance another programma to search the photo's? Thanks, Marc
  5. Dear people, The next: I did download Recuva and didn't saw (the connected camera) in the disklist. However it's connected cause I see the camera icon in 'Computer'. How can I connect the camera with Recuva? Thanks for answering! Marc
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