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  1. Hi Has there been any developments in resolving this issue? Unlike the old version of the FileHippo App Manager it is not possible to hide a version of a updated programme so everytime I run FileHippo I keep being offered this update even though it is already installed on my computer. I realise that there are probably more pressing matters for the devs to be working on and it's not an issue that is causing me any problems (it's easy enough to just ignore the update notification) but obviously I'd rather not see the notification. The version of FileHippo App Manager that I am using is v1.47.0.103. The old version did allow the user to hide specific updates but that version was replaced about two or three years ago if I recall correctly. The only updates that can now be hiden are beta versions of software.
  2. I've updated to the latest version of Speccy (v1.32.740) but when I run the FileHippo App Manager I keep being told that my installed version is and then keep being offered the update again. I notice the new version and my installed version (according to FileHippo) have similar version numbers, the difference being the addition of 26 in the version number. which FileHippo says I have on my computer. On clicking "About" on Speccy the version number shows as v1.32.740. Is this an error in wherever Speccy stores its version number information on my computer or is it a FileHippo error? The relevant FileHippo page is at https://filehippo.com/download_speccy/ I am using the 64 bit version on Windows 10.
  3. DennisD?

    Thanks for the link. I must admit I didn't realise Dennis had posted last week. Good to see him back here!
  4. DennisD?

    Just to let people know I've had a PM from DennisD. Without going into detail, I'm posting just to let people know he is OK.
  5. Or click on Bookmarks -> Show All Bookmarks -> Import and Backup -> Import Data from Another Browser Or the keyboard shortcut for the above is Ctrl+Shift+B then Alt+I then A I don't have Opera on my computer but every browser I do have installed is listed there so hopefully Opera will show in your list of choices.
  6. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    Thanks to all for the suggestions re: the problem I'm having with Firefox. I've managed to get the problem sorted out on my desktop computer but can't get it sorted out on my laptop! The settings on both computers are exactly the same so I don't know why Firefox works fine on one but not the other. Very curious. What I did was to disable then re-enable Shockwave Flash on both computers. It's worked for my desktop but not the laptop... I think I might have to uninstall Firefox from the laptop and then reinstall it and hopefully that will work. Of course the next update to Firefox, due in a few weeks time, will probably bring back the problem... oh for the days of Firefox 1.0 when everything was so simple!
  7. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    Can anybody help me sort out a recurring problem I have with Firefox. Since the arrival of, I think it was Firefox 39 or Firefox 40, I am constantly getting a a script error on numerous websites which refers to a problem with Shockwave. It's annoying because the browser often freezes up and I must have to close down the browser upwards of a dozen times on some days. It's becoming very annoying and makes me think it's time to move on to another browser. I don't want to though as I've been using Firefox since December 2004. However all these constant updates are just seemingly wrecking what was once a reliable browser. Firefox has a help page that deals with this issue but I can't get their solution to work for me https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/warning-unresponsive-plugin Has anyone got any suggestions on what I can do to sort out this problem?
  8. DennisD?

    I've not heard of Faceache. Do you mean Facebook?! I wouldn't know where to begin to look as most people use their real names on Facebook and I don't know his surname. There's a Piriform holding page on Facebook but there's no Dennis among the people who are listed as "liking" the page. Dennis mentioned in his PM that he had moved from Newcastle to Seaham a number of years ago and in a post in this forum in 2010 he again mentioned he was living in Seaham. Seaham is in County Durham and is 6 miles south of Sunderland so the local paper is the Sunderland Echo. A bit morbid on my part perhaps but I checked the death notices for October and November 2014 in both the Sunderland Echo and the (Newcastle) Chronicle but there was nothing I could find there. A handful of people called Dennis were listed in there but all were from Northumberland or the Newcastle area and all were very elderly (aged in their 80s+). Hopefully the reason why there was no entry for him is because he's in decent health and is getting on with life without posting on the Piriform message boards
  9. DennisD?

    I think I may have been the first person Dennis sent a PM to. I've still got it and it was sent just a couple of days after he registered here on 1 December 2006. He'd noticed that I live in Newcastle and am a Newcastle United football (soccer) supporter - it's the club badge that's in my avatar. Dennis is also a Newcastle supporter (I think hazelnut is too) and he was lamenting that both his wife and daughter supported Sunderland (who are seen as the local enemy to all Newcastle United supporters!). I agree with your comment that Dennis isn't the type to suddenly stop posting. He was an active poster right up to 15 October 2014 and not only has he not posted since that date but two minutes after his last post he logged off from these forums and hasn't come back since (or at least not comeback logged in). I just think something has happened to him. Hopefully though Dennis is fine and he really has just done a vanishing act and has for whatever reason decided to stop posting.
  10. DennisD?

    Hi hazelnut. I remember Dennis once posting that he had health problems. Hopefully he's OK.
  11. DennisD?

    Hi all. I don't post much here these days but do still pop in to the forums now and again. One thing I've noticed is that Dennis doesn't post here any more. He suddenly stopped posting just over a year ago (last posting on 15 October 2014). Has something happened to him? Apologies if this has been mentioned before but I couldn't find a thread where it was mentioned. He lives not too far from me (the north east of England) and I'm wondering what has happened to him. Is it bad news? Hopefully he's still OK and has just decided to stop posting. Hope everyone is keeping OK. All the best.
  12. Windows 10 Update Issue

    I've also had the same problem though in my case it didn't uninstall the program (I could still launch Speccy) but W10 did uninstall the Speccy uninstaller! I just reinstalled Speccy and all seems to be working fine. Edit: Just updated my laptop this Monday evening to the new Windows 10 build and had the same problem as I had with my dekstop on Saturday evening - the Speccy uninstaller was uninstalled but the program was still running. Again I just reinstalled Speccy and all is working well again with the Speccy uninstaller now back in Programs and Features.
  13. Hi hazelnut. That particular update will not install for me - it shows as "Failed". Doing a Google search on "KB3022345 Failed" it seems I'm not alone. It also appears that everyone who is having problems with this update are based in the UK. I don't get a 404 when looking at the info on Willy2's link though. Were you able to install this update? Is there anyone else having problems getting this particular update to install? And if you are having problems are you from the UK? It seems a bit strange that an update is failing because of the location of the person trying to install the update - I've never come across this problem before. All of the other updates (I was offered 21 optional updates) installed without any problems. I've now hidden the above update as it has failed to install three times.
  14. Recuva only finds files once

    I think Borg means that the drive that the friend has borrowed is the drive that the recovered files were saved to. The original USB drive that the files were recovered from is still in Borg's possession.
  15. 10 truly bizarre Victorian deaths

    That "killed by a mouse" death sounds both bizarre and very nasty!