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  1. Forcing Edge to Close When not Open

    Thanks so much, that's interesting. I had no idea.
  2. Just recently when using CCleaner I have to force Edge to close when it isn't open and hasn't been open. In fact I rarely use Edge. Any ideas please?
  3. Excellent, thank you.
  4. Yes, thank you, and I am afraid that a lot of this is technically beyond me. They talk in a different language. I found some undeleted cookies in Internet Options/Settings/View Files and deleted them manually but don't understand why CCleaner and IE are not deleting Passwords and Cookies. MS and Piriform need to look into this.
  5. V5.37.6309 Up-to-date I believe.
  6. Thanks mta. I have downloaded the update, cleared passwords using IE and CCleaner and I remain logged in to my password protected sites, so no change. I think I will have to succumb to this bug reporting procedure to MS. I really have better things to do.
  7. mta and hazelnut, thank you very much. I haven't touched any settings and previously when I cleared passwords I would always have to log in again to all of my password protected web sites with the exception of my Microsoft accounts which for some reason seem to be permanently logged in. I appreciate your comments mta but I understand IE and have so many folders and files stored in "Favourites" I really couldn't face a change although I do have EDGE on my computer but don't use it. hazelnut I will look at this update and see what I can find, many thanks.
  8. In IE is that Autocomplete Form History in CCleaner because I have never had to tick that box before the Fall Update. Something has changed since the Fall Update because I haven't changed any of the IE or CCleaner settings. Thanks for your reply.
  9. Since I installed the Fall Creators update my passwords are not clearing and I remain logged into websites when I run CCleaner and delete saved passwords in IE. Obviously some cookies aren't clearing either because when I delete them using CCleaner as well as deleting manually in IE my visited websites appear as adverts on web pages I visit. Not very helpful when I am looking for Christmas presents for my wife that I don't want her to know about. Before the update I didn't have any problems at all. On Microsoft Answers it has been suggested that I should report this to Microsoft as a bug. Before I do that has anyone else updated and experienced any problems please?
  10. Unwanted Chrome

    Many thanks.
  11. Unwanted Chrome

    What is Revo please?
  12. Unwanted Chrome

    Thank you, but I have unwanted Chrome now and as you say it is a pain to remove. I have had a trawl around the internet and my view is that once you are in a hole, stop digging.
  13. Unwanted Chrome

    Thank you, I have now found Chrome in Applications. This happened a few years ago and when I removed Chrome it completely messed up Office Outlook and that involved another trawl through the forums to get it sorted. These people (I haven't had this problem with Piriform before) should have an opt in not opt out. I am the world's worst techie so don't want to get involved with Portable or Slim. Thanks for your replies.
  14. Unwanted Chrome

    I have just updated CCleaner and downloaded Google Chrome that I definitely did not want. I must have missed an uncheck box. I do wish these people wouldn't do this. Anyway I now have Chrome. But, why does Chrome not appear in CCleaner, IE and Edge are there but not Chrome. Any thoughts please?
  15. Yes, I bought a new computer at the end of September and re-installed CC but didn't realise I had done an intelligent scan. Yes I did know that an asterisk is a wild card. I am sorry I am being a bit slow on the uptake here. I'm what you might call a silver surfer! Anyway thanks for your help, appreciated.