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  1. I'm now getting a nag screen on my Pro version, never seen this before until today. Does that mean this will happen regularly until I take out a new subscription? Shame on you Piriform/Avast/whatever-you're-called for fraudulently selling the Pro version with a non-expiring, lifetime key. As others have already said, at the time i bought this (directly from Piriform website) around 2012-2013, there was nothing in the email order confirmation that stated the Pro Version had an expiry date.
  2. That's strange, when i received my licence details by email, there was no mention at all of updates and support for just 1 year...
  3. Hi, I purchased CCleaner pro a few years ago when it was sold for a one-time fee instead of the current yearly subscription. So technically, I have a non-expiring licence (ie a lifetime licence) so why is the program showing that my licence has expired? I can use the program without any issues except that I don't get auto updates. Why are Piriform not honouring the full software features (eg auto updates) for those who have a lifetime licence? With other software such as Malwarebytes, if you purchased a lifetime license then it gets honoured fully even though the software creator no longer offers such licences. Just feel a bit cheated by Piriform as they didn't tell me at the time of purchasing my lifetime licence that feature X would stop working after X years....
  4. Hi I use Comodo Dragon (tweaked version of Google Chrome) for my browsing but i've noticed that ccleaner doesn't remove dragon history and cookies despite running latest version of ccleaner. Any idea what's wrong? On Piriform's website it says ccleaner is compatible with Chrome so not sure why it's not working with Dragon. Cheers
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