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  1. I removed the cookies and all of FireFox, still have the notation. Thanks anyway. Dave
  2. Have tried to find that file or similar, no luck. MS Search didn't find it either. Dave
  3. I've seen spyware/adware/malware cause this, even viruses. Bad memory can be a cause as well. Try and download this. It's an awesome freeware pc maintenance package. Refer to this page for the settings and instructions. PM me with questions that you might encounter.
  4. Notification "Error cleaning FireFox cookies 62 - Input past end of file". This stops my computer from all processing until I hit the cancel button or clear it from my screen. I removed FireFox from my computer last week and I still get the notification and stoppage. I tried to remove and reload CCleaner, but it did not stop. It sometimes starts when I turn the computer on always shows when I run CCleaner. How can I clear this up? Bye the bye, one of the best programs I've run across since Internet Explorer. LOL, Dave I also realize this is probably an "Id10t Problem" and not a bug.
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