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  1. Defraggler not defragging

    HI, I have also a problem with the defraggler, it take so long to defrag, that I had to cancel it before it finish. Have a good day.
  2. View new content

    Hi, I will read everything as you do. thanks you very much.
  3. View new content

    Hi, did not work. Thanks You. Have a Nice day.
  4. View new content

    Hi, Why everytime I click: VIEW NEW CONTENT, I always have this response: NO NEW CONTENT FOUND. Before they show me the new content of the forum Thanks you very much and have a nice day. Sorry for my English, but I am french canadian from Montreal.
  5. Best wishes to all

    Hi everybody, Happy New Year everyone! from ST-JEAN-SUR-RICHELIEU NEAR MONTREAL.
  6. Windows 7 SP1

    Hi, Same with me it took me around 45 minutes.
  7. Happy Christmas to all

    Merry Christmas to everyone and dont miss santa claus!
  8. How old are you

    Hi, I am 67,oh boy it goes fast, dont forget to enjoy life before its too late. But its not because that I have snow on the head, that I dont have fire inside the stove, Be happy and take care.
  9. registry cleaner

    Hi, I would like to know if I can use 2 registry cleaner on my system. At the moment I use: FIXIO PC CLEANER, I learn about CCLEANER after I bought the FIXIO. So can I use these 2 cleaners on my system, or if I better erase the FIXIO before I download the CCLEANER. Thanks you very much. boubou.